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Morning Update: Who's In Charge?

The Department of Health and Human Services sent an “invitation” to members of Congress and their senior staff. They would be given a 40-minute tour of one of the temporary shelters housing some of the illegal immigrant children overwhelming our southern borders.

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Nobody Knows the President is Unpopular

RUSH: When Bush plunged into the thirties, CNN told everybody about it multiple times an hour for eight straight hours.  He couldn't escape, nor could you miss that Bush's numbers had fallen to the thirties.  I don't think anybody picked random on the street could tell you what Obama's approval number is right now, in any poll.  They're doing the poll, they report it, but that's it, then it dies, and nobody knows.

Why Is It Always About Me and Hillary?

RUSH: Why are they taking sound bites of me, what I say about Mrs. Clinton, and then using those sound bites on their programs for their guests to react to and thus create a segment?  Why are they using me?  What they're doing is they're hoping each day that I say what everybody's thinking, and then when I do they go, "Yeah, right, we got two more segments out of this."  This is why I say "show prep for the rest of the media."

Obama: The Illegal Children are Our Future

RUSH:  Look, folks, I admit it's a smart-aleck question, but it's a damn good one... Here are these DREAM kids, and Obama goes, "They are the future! They are the future of this country." Well, if they're that special, why aren't they special to the countries in which they were born?  What gives us the right to take them? 

Obama to Iraq: You're On Your Own

originalRUSH:  President Barack Obama, shortly before the program began, made some remarks on Iraq before getting on a helicopter and going somewhere.  I want to summarize for you, before playing the actual sound bites. I want to tell you what he said. It's real simple...  "You Iraqis, you're on your own.  We're not gonna help.  Well, we might, but I'm not gonna think about it 'til Monday, and you might not be here by Monday.  It's up to you." 

Mrs. Clinton's Book Should Sell Itself

RUSH: It has been calculated that the amount of media Mrs. Clinton is getting in the mainstream is $50 million. Free. That's how much attention, TV, advertising, media coverage she is getting for her book. It's $50 million. That's the calculation, and even at that they can't get that book to number one on Amazon.  It isn't a pleasurable experience to read a Clinton book.

The Establishment Sees Elections as a Nuisance

RUSH: You and I look at elections as one of the few vehicles we have to express our opinions and effect any kind of change.  They, on the other hand, look at elections as a nuisance.  It's something they have to constantly raise money to do, and every two or four years they have to actually engage in it, but they resent having to do it.  


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