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TIME: Fat Isn't Bad for You

RUSH: That's the current TIME Magazine cover.  (interruption)  I guess it does kind of look like the flying fickle finger there, doesn't it, to you, from a distance?  That is a slice of butter, is what that is, and the headline says, "Eat Butter -- Scientists labeled fat the enemy.  Why they were wrong, by Bryan Walsh." 

Now, TIME Magazine, as usual, is late to this party.  How many months ago was it that we told you that at a massive Cancer Society seminar, all of these doctors who for all of these decades have been promoting -- was is heart or cancer?  Well, it might have been a combo of the two, but I think it was coronary doctors and so forth, they were embarrassed. "We've been telling people for years and years and years that this stuff causes clogged arteries, and we don't have any evidence, it doesn't."  And they were devastated. 

So another myth, that fat kills, that fat causes clogged arteries, that fat causes cholesterol.  There was never any evidence, just like there isn't any evidence on global warming.  It's all computer modeled forecasts.  If you don't believe me, Google it.  I have no reason to lie to you.  There is no evidence that can be cited that establishes man-made global warming.  And there certainly is no evidence that would allow an educated prediction of the next five years, 10 years, 50, a hundred years, there's none.  It's all computer models, which are nothing but wild guesses that make up the entire global warming movement.  


What Does Jill Abramson Know About Nonfiction?

RUSH: Did you see Jill Abramson -- this is another thing.  Does anybody in this country really care that she got fired, and does anybody really care what she's gonna do next?  Now, inside the Beltway they do, and if you follow the inside-the-Beltway soap opera you'll think it's important.  But the people of this country don't care.  They've got their own lives to worry about.  They've got their own towns and communities to try to preserve.  They don't have time to worry about Jill Abramson and why she got fired.  Most people think the New York Times should be shut down.  The basis of it, it just doesn't tell the truth about very much, but that's another story. 

The Drive-Bys and of course the culture, the political culture of inside the Beltway, the corridor, New York-Washington, they care about Jill Abramson 'cause she's one of them.  Well, guess what?  She is going to teach at Harvard as a special guest lecturer or some such thing, this fall.  Here's the press release from Harvard.  "Abramson will join Harvard University as a Visiting Lecturer for the 2014-2015 academic year.  The 1976 Harvard College graduate will teach undergraduate courses on narrative nonfiction for Harvard’s Department of English in the fall and spring semesters."

What the hell does she know about nonfiction?  She's a former editor of the New York Times.  They only deal in fiction.  What in the world does she know about nonfiction?  Now, she is an expert on creating a narrative.  We have to grant her that.  But, look, her own narrative about her own firing was quickly exposed to be fiction. She said she got fired because she was a woman and she wasn't paid fairly, and it wasn't fair. And men made more, and it wasn't fair. And when she tried to do something about it they got mad that a woman was being uppity and demanding and bitchy, and so she got fired.  It turned out not to be true.  She got fired 'cause nobody could work with her, is what it ended up being. But anyway, why is it a big deal?  It's not a big deal to the people that make this country work.  


Sterling Hires Investigators to Dig Up NBA Dirt

RUSH: Donald Sterling.  (laughing)  I have to tell you, just for the sake of the entertainment value, this is intriguing.  Donald Sterling "has hired four private investigation firms to dig up dirt on the NBA's former and current commissioners and its 29 other owners. ... Investigators were given a six-figure budget over the next 30 days to examine the league's finances, allegations of previous discriminatory conduct and compensation to past Commissioner David Stern and current Commissioner Adam Silver, said the person who spoke to The Associated Press on Thursday night on condition of anonymity. ... The person said the investigators also are looking into whether other owners made any off-color jokes, or racist or sexist remarks."

So you see, the speech police are indeed out there.  You have to control speech. You have to ensure that the state, the government is constantly growing. This transformation of the country is really hard to do within the existing population, and especially if the Republicans control the House and maybe the Senate.  


Full Moon on Friday the 13th


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