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Rush 24/7 Free Preview! Paul Shanklin’s “When a Man Dislikes His Country”


RUSH: Rob in Lynchburg, Virginia, hi. You're live on Open Line Friday.  Hello.

CALLER:  Greetings, Rush.  You asked what kind of president speaks this way, says that the future of America is these criminal foreign children instead of American children, and then you hit a break and Paul Shanklin came up on the feed, and he was singing "When a Man Hates (sic) His Country."

RUSH:  No, he sings, "When a Man Dislikes His Country." 

CALLER:  Thank you for correcting me.

RUSH:  Yeah, dislikes. In fact, you want to hear a little bit of it?

CALLER:  Sure, man. Fire away.

originalRUSH:  We don't have time to play it all but here's a little bit. Grab it there, Mike. I know you've got it.  This is it.  It's brand-new from white comedian Paul Shanklin, the old Percy Sledge tune.  "When a Man Dislikes His Country." (playing of song)  Okay, that's it.  That's all I've got time for.  But I'll make you a little deal.  We'll put it on the free side at RushLimbaugh.com so you can listen to the rest of it this afternoon, today, and whenever. What Rob was gonna say is this whole thing is driving him crazy, this focus on foreign kids being the future and so forth, and he wanted to say the song explains it all and fits the reason.  We didn't have time to get it all in but you can hear it at RushLimbaugh.com.