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Pearls of Wisdom

"Young people use navigation apps daily like you would not believe. When they find out that their president wants to eliminate them from using their Maps app in their cars on their phones, there could be hell to pay for him."

"Can you believe it? The Rush Revere books got dissed on C-SPAN2 last night. Yeah. BookTV. One of their guests did. It's funny."

"What a weekend this guy had with his anti-global warming commencement address and going to play golf in Palm Springs while all this is going on. A lot of people are fit to be tied. Folks, I'm gonna tell you."

"Maliki asked us to maintain a force in Iraq from 2011 on. Not a combat force, not a force that's engaged, but one that would be at the ready should something happen. This is the result of Obama's foreign policy. What's happening in Iraq today is not because George Bush went in there. What's happening in Iraq today is owned exclusively by the Obama administration, whether the media wants to say this or not."

"The Steelers coach Chuck Noll died in his sleep Friday night of natural causes at 82 years old. Chuck Noll was a throwback. I was fascinated listening to all of Chuck Noll's players talk about him. They all referred to him as not just a coach. He was a teacher, he was a manager, he was an inspiration to them. He was much more than just X's and O's, a football guy."

"What's happening in Iraq today is owned exclusively by the Obama administration, whether the media wants to say this or not. The whole thing, all of this, to me, is so frustrating."

"Being an optimist takes a lot of effort. Pessimism is easy. Everybody can do it, and does."

"We're the only nation that can stop this kind of stuff, if we've got a leadership willing to do it and committed to do it, and apparently that's up for grabs."

"We're supposed to believe that Lois Lerner's computer crashed. It wasn't even a system crash, it was just her computer and all of her e-mails are gone."

"If only Lois Lerner had had IDrive.com, then she wouldn't have lost anything."

"There's a Wall Street Journal tweet: Breaking: White House says US will not pursue coordinated military action with Iran in Iraq. I guess the idea didn't poll well."

"Our border situation, with all of this talk of immigration reform and amnesty and no serious talk about border security, we face the possibility of untold numbers of militant Islamists pouring over the US border. They may even be holding European passports. Who knows."

"Do you think Dr. Benjamin Carson's book is available at the Busboys and Poets bookstore? I'll bet you no way is Dr. Carson's book available in there, even though he's a person of color, because it's not about that. That's just the insulation. That gives them cover for doing Marxism, whatever you want to call it in the bookstore."

"The real question is where is the Barack Obama Presidential Library for Social Justice gonna be? Would it be in Rancho Mirage? Would it be in Washington? Would it be in Hawaii? Not Hawaii, well, there might be a branch office there."

"Al-Qaeda's on the March, and see, this is something Obama can't allow in public perception because he ran for reelection in 2012 on the basis that he had vanquished them by virtue of getting bin Laden and other things. And so now for Al-Qaeda to be back, even a related Al-Qaeda group, they've gotta find a way to tamp that down."


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