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Morning Update: Latest Liar

Out of one side of their mouths they talk about "transparency" and "openness" -- out of the other side come clever phrases designed to obscure the truth. In the end, it’s not the constant lying from the Obama Regime that’s most offensive, it’s the fact they don’t even try to hide it anymore.

The Tea Party is Washington's Only Enemy

RUSH: The Republican and Democrat establishments, the Chamber of Commerce, the whole way Washington is working, the only enemies are people who want to reintroduce free markets, get rid of crony capitalism, blow up the relationships that exist between Washington and individual businesses or business at large, Wall Street firms.  You people in the Tea Party that believe in liberty, freedom, free markets, you represent the problem. 

Will Benghazi Suspect Say the Video Made Him Do It?

RUSH: Anybody want to bet me that sometime this week he will admit that the Internet video is what made him so mad that he rounded up his buddies and began the assault on the consulate?  I am just going to tell you, I'm not going to predict that, but I want to go on record here on June the 17th making it very clear that, if that does happen, I, for one, will not be surprised in the least. 

Teachable Moment: Hillary's Book Bombs

RUSH: Here you have Simon & Schuster, New York publishing house, obviously caught up in the New York-Washington political axis, and in that world Mrs. Clinton is the biggest thing going. It was a big coup to get her and her book on her time as secretary of state.  They paid her a $14 million advance, from the woman that was dead broke a few short years ago... Look, this is embarrassing. This is Hillary Clinton. And to have it out there now from an inside source at Simon & Schuster that this book is a bomb?  

Our Ivy League-Educated First Lady's Struggle to Feed Her Children

RUSH: "In an interview with MSN.com," that's Microsoft's Web service, "First Lady Michelle Obama explained she used to struggle to feed her kids right -- even though she received an education from Harvard and Princeton." Even with an Ivy League education, she didn't know how to feed her kids properly, which proves that degrees from Harvard and Princeton contain absolutely zero common sense. ... Do you believe this?  So now Princeton and Harvard, college degrees, Ivy League, nowhere near enough to teach you how to feed your kids, so we are gonna do it for you, is where this is headed.  We in government are gonna teach you how to feed your kids.  

Influx of Immigrant Kids is Part of the Left's Plan to Remake America

RUSH: It doesn't matter what Congress does.  It doesn't matter what the law is.  All they gotta do is somehow get across the border, Border Patrol funnels them somewhere, here come the lawyers, they get pro bono legal services, all the other social services, and they're legal.  And that then sets up reunification with their parents who may still be in El Salvador or Guatemala or wherever.  This stuff was all in place.  It is the law.  This stuff's all in place, been ready to go for just this instance.  I don't know anybody who thinks that this mass arrival of kids is coincidence. 

The IRS and the New Crony Socialism

RUSH: There's a lot of money being made by this crony socialism or capitalism going on, and the money is being made by not having to compete, not having to be better than your competitor.  The simple association with government wipes out your competition, 'cause they don't have it and can't compete when you do. 


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