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Fascinating Population Density Graphs...  Great Quote from Chuck Noll on Media... Kerry Wants 10% of Oceans Off Limits... Students Demand Mandatory Transgender Class to Right Wrongs of Colonial America... Jeremiah Wright's Daughter's Chickens Come Home to Roost...

Obama Regime Strips Redskins Trademark

RUSH: I want you to imagine the federal government eliminating your private property rights due to the interpretation of political correctness by five people, or a very tiny minority of people. The tiny minority of people are ostensibly, they say, offended by something that you own.  Imagine an agency of the federal government, without any proper adjudication before any sort of court, tribunal, or what have you, just comes along and, on their own whim, decides to eliminate your private property rights.  Because of interpretation of political correctness, because they're liberals, because they're statists and authoritarians and assigned to them that kind of sweeping power. 

Official EIB Wallpapers Now Customized for iPad and Android

RUSH: I commissioned some official EIB wallpapers for the iPhone based on my own color preferences and desires, and we did that.  Our great graphic artist did them. We have one of the greatest graphic artists in graphic artistry at RushLimbaugh.com, and she made up a whole slew of them.  But they were only available for download on your Web browser... The iPhone wallpapers are now available through the app.  Since we were doing this we created the same wallpapers that were customized with dimensions for the iPad and for Android. 

What If Obama Wants Democrats to Lose?

RUSH: So what if Obama wants the Republicans to win the Senate? In the last two years of his Regime -- oh, can you just hear it now?  Everything he wants to do, the Republicans say "no."  Everything he wants to do, they stop him.  Obama runs around and complains and starts pointing fingers at the Republicans as enemies of progress and whatever.

These are Great Times for Barack Obama

RUSH: He's finally where he wants to be.  He is free to go full bore into it now.  He doesn't have to pretend.  He doesn't have to say things that mask who he is.  He can go out and do whatever he wants. He knows full well nobody's gonna stop him.  These are great times... I'm gonna give you a taste of what I'm talking about... This is last night in New York City, Gotham Hall.  It's a Democrat lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender fundraiser...

Take Note, GOP: Obama Drops with Hispanics

RUSH: Republicans have been told, "You'd better support amnesty, and you'd better support an open border, and you'd better support them 'coming out of shadows,' or you're never gonna win." Obama's leading that charge, and he's dropped 23 points among Hispanics in a year and a half, from 67% approval in January 2013 to 44% today.


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