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Outrageous is the Only Word to Describe What's Happening to Our Country


RUSH: Vinny in Queens.  Vinny, I'm glad you waited.  Great to have you, as always.  Hi.

CALLER:  Dittos, great one.  It's always an honor to speak with you.

RUSH:  Thank you very much, sir. I appreciate that.

CALLER:  I need about 60 seconds, Rush, to get it off my chest.  I can't tell you how outraged I am.  I heard the anger in your voice as soon as you came on the air, and I want you to know that anger was felt by a lot of us.  We're one step away from outright confiscation of property -- under a premise of political correctness, safety, equity, you name it -- from this government. 

I mean, what's to stop the Department of Transportation from saying, "SUVs have been deemed destructive to the country as a whole.  Therefore, we're confiscating them"?  I mean, I am so outraged at this whole Washington Redskins thing, but I'm even more outraged over a GOP that's unwilling to do anything -- and I do believe something can be done.  I don't see why the head of the patent office cannot be called down.

Get him before a committee like Darrell Issa's committee and put him on the spot and have congressmen demand to know, "By whose authority do you think you can take away a private citizen's right of property? Who the hell made you God?  Take away an entire team's right of property? Who gave you this authority, sir?"  I don't know if I'm madder at Obama -- 'cause you're right, this comes from Obama -- or if I'm madder at my political party for sitting mute while every day my rights are stripped from me one by one.

RUSH:  Well, "your political party," just to explain again -- and I'm sure, 'cause you're here every day, you've heard me read excerpts from... Beinart. Whatever his first name is, his piece on what the Republicans better learn real fast if they ever want to win.  Peter Beinart.  Yeah.  His piece, Vinny, basically said that there are demographic changes happening in this country that are transforming the country into one of "social justice" and "tolerance." 

That means that minorities of any stripe are now empowered, and if the Republicans don't get in gear with this -- and if the Republican base continues to oppose this -- they're just gonna make it happen even faster.  I'm convinced the Republicans in Washington buy into that.  I think they would look at this Redskins thing and be saying, "Oh, my God!"

"We can't go after that.  I mean, they'll call us racists, and they'll say that we're in favor of racism and that we want to discriminate against the Indians."  That's how they're, I think, paralyzed.  I think the left has executed a number of tricks on 'em and they're literally paralyzed.  They're afraid they're gonna lose elections or get negative media coverage if they speak out on this.

CALLER:  Well, two answers to that -- or one answer, at least. Better to die on my feet than on my knees, and if wanting a team to be called the Washington Redskins makes me racist, then I guess, by God, I am racist.  How ridiculous.  The reason this is perpetuated like this is because we fall prey to it, okay? There's nothing more racist about being called a Washington Redskins than the very town I'm calling from.

This is Maspeth, Queens, which happens to be an Indian name.  Now, the ridiculousness of this in one way, shape, manner or form or another has gotta run its course.  I just think it's a crying shame that in my lifetime, I'm seeing what's happening to this country.  It is hard for me. It is hard for me to see what's going on before my eyes and feel powerless to do nothing.

RUSH:  I know.  I totally agree with you about the lack of push-back.  There's only one party in Washington, Vinny. It's the Party of Power.  It's got members from the Democrats and the Republicans and the Libertarians and the Socialists, the Marxists, you name it. It's the Party of Power. But I think that Peter Beinart piece -- and he's not the first guy to say it.  It's just the way it was written, pointing out, "Look, the only thing standing in the way of the left totally dominating this country with their new agenda of social justice and tolerance..." and you know what that means, don't you?

CALLER:  Sure.  Of course.

RUSH:  I mean, you know that the only thing standing between that becoming the majority viewpoint and governing body and what have you, is the Tea Party, is the Republican base.  Beinart says if the Republican base continues to oppose this, they're just gonna anger people even more and hasten this demographic shift. 

The point is the Republican leadership, I think, has bought that. What else would explain their open support for amnesty?  They must believe what the Democrats are telling them, and whoever it is telling them, that they're never gonna win another election if they don't get some Hispanic votes.  The way to get Hispanic votes in Washington is to stand for amnesty.  It's absurd, but they obviously believe it. 

So here comes this Redskins thing.  Now, again, to put this in its proper context: The Redskins name has not been taken from them.  They can still call themselves the Washington Redskins.  What the Patent and Trademark Office did is take away their property rights to the trademark.  It's no different than if they decide to tell the Dallas Cowboys, "You don't own 'Dallas Cowboys' anymore because it offends Indians.

"It offends Native Americans.  So the 'Dallas Cowboys' name, since it's offending people, violates political correctness, you can't own that anymore," which means, then, that anybody can use it.  You can open a restaurant called the Dallas Cowboys. You can start your own T-shirt line, make your own cap, whatever, and call it "Dallas Cowboys."  They don't own it -- meaning, they would lose a lot of money. 

Since they don't want to lose a lot of money, the idea is they would change their name to something exclusive that the Regime approves of, and they would get a new trademark.  That's the thinking on this.  This is just step one in the Regime trying to get that name changed and trying to force the Redskins into doing it.  But in the process, what this is is the purposeful taking of private property. 

The Redskins own the trademark, and it was granted them by this very Patent and Trademark Office.  Now they just unilaterally, because of essentially five people, said, "You know what?  You're offending people, offending political correctness.  You can't use it anymore.  We take it away."  You're right. That kind of power, in our Constitution, does not exist.  But this is my point when I say that the Obama presidency is just now getting started, and it's outrageous.  I'm like you. I try to come up with a way to describe my outrage, and I fall short of anything.  Vinny, thanks for the call.  I appreciate it.  



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