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Pearls of Wisdom

"Open Line Friday. The greatest career risk since the Wright Brothers decided to give up building bicycles! The biggest career risk since Michelangelo put down his sculpting tools and took up painting ceilings."

"This is momentous what Scott Walker has done and he has done it with Reagan conservatism. He has revived the state, beat back the unions, beat back the Democrats on four different occasions in court and at the ballot box. He has produced a budget surplus. He has created tax rebates and refunds. The Democrats cannot let this stand."

"There's no news anymore, folks. There is just the Democrat Party and its agenda being advanced by people we're told are journalists."

"The Old Ebbitt Grill is across from the White House. If you're invited to have dinner at the White House, stop at the Old Ebbitt Grill first to eat because you won't at the White House."

"Folks, I really am convinced that what is happening in media today is the result of the birth of conservative media and its rapid growth and ascension. It has destroyed the left's monopoly in media. When they had the monopoly, they could pretend that they were not what they are and get away with it. They could pretend to be objective."

"The power of a monopoly is not just determining what stories you are going to cover, but what you don't cover was just as powerful."

"If the Republicans ever woke up, got some confidence, they would look at Scott Walker in Wisconsin and realize they have a blueprint on how to react and deal with everything Obama has done nationally."

"When you look at Koskinen, you have to see who's really sitting there and that's Obama. It's the way Obama would behave."

"The two different judges threw out the Scott Walker case. There is no fraud! There was no scheme! They looked at the evidence and threw out the charges. There wasn't any scheme, and there was no fraud."

"Lois Lerner's hard drive crash is treated as, 'Yeah, you know, I lost my makeup. I lost my compact and I can't go to cocktails today.' 'Oh, that's too bad. Well, maybe next week.'"

"I always said that I would run an airport if I weren't doing this. I'm fascinated by how that all works. But radio has been my one passion."

"The power of the written word is undeniable."


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