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Morning Update: Who Knew?

Six months ago, The Regime began planning how to transport tens of thousands of undocumented children from the border. A January 29th application was posted on Federal Business Opportunities, a website that advertises government contract openings. The post says the government was preparing for the arrival of undocumented children. They sought vendors to handle transportation logistics.

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Lurch Lectures Iraqis on Border Control... Schumer Worried About World Cup Disease... Detroit Water and Sewage Official Wants the UN to Pay Residents' Water Bills... Study: There is No Free Will... 

The Obamas vs. the Clintons -- Really?

RUSH:  The Ed Klein book, it's called Blood Feud, and based on the chapter Hillary's Heart, I think it should be called Blood Clot, but that's a different thing.  The chapter that was excerpted in the New York Post yesterday that details the hatred the Obamas and Clintons have for each other, I read it, and I'm not alleging it doesn't exist and isn't true, any of that, but some of the quotes strike me as odd in the sense that I don't know people who speak this way. 

Six Years In, and All Obama Does Is Complain About the Country He Leads

RUSH: Every day he stands up complaining about something that's wrong in this country.  "Anything that makes life harder for women makes life harder for families and makes life harder for children."  And of course the room went nuts.  "When women succeed, America succeeds."  I guess it would be very controversial if I were to say, anything that makes life harder for men makes life harder for families. 

Chelsea Clinton Just Cares Too Much About People to Care About Money

RUSH: Out of the blue, Chelsea gets this gig at NBC...   We now have learned that she was paid $600,000 for this. Quite a lot of money to a woman who doesn't care about money.  And then the $600,000 was amortized, if you will.  People compared how much time, how many minutes she was actually on camera doing news reports and stuff against how much she made.  It turns out she was being paid $26,000 a minute. 


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