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Despite the Hashtag, More Nigerian Kidnappings
RUSH: This is the New York Post: "Sixty Females, 31 Males Abducted by Islamic Extremists in Nigeria." Despite all the hashtags, despite all the good intentions, despite all the hoping, despite all the big hearts, despite all the caring, despite all the social media in the world, the kidnappings continue. "Witnesses say Islamic extremists..." Notice they're not calling them Boko Haram anymore, because that's the target of the initial hashtag.

So the Drive-Bys are trying to make it appear like that might have had some success but this is just a new one. "Witnesses say Islamic extremists have abducted 60 more girls and women and 31 boys from villages in northeast Nigeria. Security forces denied the kidnappings. Nigeria's government and military have been widely criticized for their slow response to the abductions of more than 200 schoolgirls who were kidnapped April 15."

Why did they need to respond? Obama had the hashtag! Why should they do anything? I mean, we had calls here from people berating me because I was criticizing the hashtag as insufficient. "Social media, Rush! You don't know how important it is. You don't know how conscious-raising it can be. You don't know how much it can accomplish. You do not know." Well, maybe not, but the government of Nigeria is being lambasted for not taking enough action.

How can you blame 'em?

They had the hashtag!

Social Media Fails to Live Up to Marketing Hype
RUSH: Oh. I'm sorry to do this. Speaking of social media, a story from the Wall Street Journal. (Ahem.) "Social Media Failed to Live up to Early Marketing Hype." (sigh) This, again, instinctively I knew. "In May 2013, Ritz-Carlton Hotel Co. bought ads to promote its brand page on Facebook. After a few days, unhappy executives halted the campaign -- but not because they weren't gaining enough fans.

"Rather, they were gaining too many, too fast. 'We were fearful our engagement and connection with our community was dropping' as the fan base grew, says Allison Sitch, Ritz-Carlton's vice president of global public relations. Today, the hotel operator has about 498,000 Facebook fans; some rivals have several times as many.

"Rather than try to keep pace, Ritz-Carlton spends time analyzing its social-media conversations, to see what guests like and don't like," and they basically found out that people get off on saying they're friends and don't do anything after that. "Then, they got caught up in the numbers game, trying to rack up raw masses of fans and followers, believing they were building a solid marketing channel. But that often wasn't the case."

People just wanted to be part of the story, but didn't want to take any action, because liking somebody on Facebook or doing a hashtag or a tweet was all that was necessary. But buying a room? No! We just want to be among the people that like it. "Then they get caught up in the numbers game trying to rack up raw masses of fans," and it's: Look at all of our followers

Yeah? How many rooms you sell? (Well, don't go there.) See? In the business world, reality and substance will always trump image. I mean, Ritz-Carlton can survive for a while if everybody thinks everybody's staying there, but if nobody is, they're not gonna stay open long, and that's just a sad reality.

Now, don't misunderstand me about social media. If you like it and you enjoy it and it completes you, fine. I am not criticizing it. I just keep everything in perspective. This is not me, anyway. The Wall Street Journal has an in-depth economic survey: "Social Media Failed to Live up to Early Marketing Hype." That's all it is.

Manmade Aerosol Emissions Have Cooled the Planet
RUSH: A new study, new research: "Man-Made Aerosol Emissions," like your can of deodorant or whatever it is, hair spray. "Man-Made Aerosol Emissions Have Helped Cool the Planet." Swallow that.

Homeland Security Director: How We Treat Children at the Border Reflects Our Values
RUSH: Fox News just had a report on the hearings on Capitol Hill about the flood of illegals coming across the border, and they played the head of the Department of Homeland Security, the guy's name is Jeh Johnson, saying how we treat these children is a reflection on us as a country.

So, in other words, once again the Democrats are using children as a human shield, and they're hiding behind these unaccompanied alien children to push for amnesty, just like they hide behind children when they push for the rest of their agenda. So the Department of Homeland Security guy, again, I want to remind you what we had at the top of the program and in today's Morning Update.

They have known since January 29th that this influx was coming, and they were preparing for it. They were letting contracts for transportation vendors to take them to refugee centers. They were accepting job applications, essentially, on their website as far back as January. This is not, in other words, a sudden surge of illegals that nobody saw coming. The Regime knew that it was gonna happen in January. How did they know? Who can possibly know that thousands of parents in Central America are gonna let their kids leave home for a journey of hundreds of miles to the US border?

How can anybody know that that's gonna happen? Can you imagine that meeting? Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and Michelle Obama in the Oval Office and they're discussing things. And one of them says, "By the way, you know, there's an influx of 65,000 illegal kids coming between now and June."

"Really? How do we know?"

"Well, we just know they're coming."

"How do you know this?"

If you do know it, you can stop it, but if you don't want to stop it, what happens is what we're getting now. So now the kids are flooding across the border. The Border Patrol's been turned into day care centers just like the military's been turned into Meals on Wheels programs and the chairman of Department of Homeland Security is out there saying how we treat these children is a reflection on us as a country. Meaning, we better take 'em, better be nice, better feed 'em, clothe 'em, educate 'em, and give them voter ID cards or whatever else or we suck. It's a guilt trip, if you will.


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