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The Shrinking American Economy Should be the Only News

RUSH: The US economy shrank at a rate of 2.9%.  For the sake of simplicity and rounding off, I'm just gonna call it 3% for the rest of the day... You have to purposely attack the US economy to cause it to contract this way, and that is what is fundamentally crucial for people to understand... The entrepreneurial spirit is being tamped down.  The US economy's natural tendency is being thwarted.  There are policies -- and this is the key -- there are policies in place that are designed to shrink the US economy.  They are tax policies, Obamacare, any number of new regulations on businesses large and small.

Republican Establishment Took Part in Reprehensible Reverse Operation Chaos in Mississippi

RUSH: The Washington establishment of both parties distribute a flier claiming the Tea Party wanted to prevent blacks from voting on Tuesday.  This, combined with other efforts, secured a turnout of black Democrat voters in a Republican primary that gave Thad Cochran, in my view, a corrupt and undeserved victory... This is really reprehensible.  I mean, the Democrats doing this kind of thing, accusing us of racism, fine and dandy. But to have the Republican establishment as part of it...

Thad Cochran's Coalition of the Lied To

RUSH: How clueless do you have to be to seriously say that on CNN, that Thad Cochran put together this winning coalition of black voters and moderate Democrats, that all Republicans should heed the lesson... Thad Cochran didn't put anything together.  The people that came out and voted in that primary yesterday, African-Americans and Democrats, did not do it because they loved Thad Cochran. They did it because they were lied to by the Republican and Democrat establishment.

What's in the Book About the Clintons

RUSH: I have a friend who's just obsessed with this and has already listened to the whole thing in audio and has sent me a page and a half summary, so I don't have to read it.  I read one of the excerpted chapters on Sunday and I was struck by how juvenile the conversation is between four of the supposed smartest people in the world, almost to the point of not believing it. And I'm told, no, no, no, no, apparently it's true. They are juveniles. The big joke on everybody is these are not the brightest people, anywhere near the brightest people, if this book is correct.

We've Lived Democrat Policies for the Last Six Years and the Country is Going to Hell

RUSH:  We are living Democrat policies to the max.  The economy contracted 3%.  People are out of work.  A hundred million people aren't working.  We are living under Democrat policies, and the country is going to hell!  We are living six years under Democrat policies.  People have lost their health care. They have lost their jobs.  They have lost their ambition. They have lost faith in the country... Yet here's Peter Beinart saying, "Well, yeah, Mitt Romney, his policies benefit the rich.  That's all he cares about. He hangs around the rich, and the Republican policies, all they're gonna do is help the rich."  

You Can't Teach Them a Lesson

RUSH:  You want the Republicans to know how angry you are and you want them to be punished for it. You want them to learn a lesson.  I don't think that they are teachable.  I don't. I don't think the Republicans will learn. They're defiant.  They're not gonna learn whatever lesson that you want to teach.


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