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"The economy shrank first time in 58 years! Many of you, this has never happened in your lifetime. The Drive-By Media, of course, is going to ignore this. Or, as the AP does here, say, 'The setback is expected to be temporary with growth rebounding solidly since spring.' Really?"

"If these people get what they want, without a carbon tax, your electric bills are going to skyrocket. They're gonna skyrocket so much you're gonna have to make lifestyle changes."

"For the gazillionth time in the last six years, we are being told that prosperity is just around the corner. How long have AP, ABC, NBC, CBS, the Washington Post, the New York Times been spreading this BS or Obama that we're poised for growth, waiting to break out, while the day-to-day reality is it's worsening?"

"Since they have failed to convince people on the basis of the so-called science of global warming, the next gambit is to try to convince you that global warming is destroying your ability to earn money and that you had better make changes in your lifestyle and allow Washington to take even more control in order to fix this serious problem."

"Henry Paulson has joined the global warming nuts by claiming that the greatest threat facing the United States economy is climate change. This is absurd."

"In Detroit this week we found out that half the residents cannot pay their water bills, and so powers that be in Detroit want the UN to come in, the United Nations. They're not even gonna bother calling Obama."

"You have to purposely attack the US economy to cause it to contract this way, and that is what is fundamentally crucial for people to understand."

"The US economy got smaller by 3%. It should make sense to people by virtue of the fact that the federal government is simply taking so much of it. In Obamacare alone the federal government has simply appropriated one-sixth of that economy, just commandeered it and is in the process of taking it."

"The entrepreneurial spirit is being tamped down. The US economy's natural tendency is being thwarted. There are policies -- and this is the key -- there are policies in place that are designed to shrink the US economy. They are tax policies, Obamacare, any number of new regulations on businesses large and small."

"There's no way you're gonna have a growing economy when one-third of the population isn't working."

"Welfare does not equal poverty. It's become a lifestyle. That's not by accident. This is all the result of policy. It is policy that has long been the dream and desire of the Democrat Party. Sadly, many Republicans, rather than fight this, have sat by idly and let it happen, because they're afraid of fighting it."

"American business no longer has to innovate in order stay ahead of its competition. Some American businesses only need a sugar daddy relationship with the administration, and that relationship alone makes it impossible to compete against them."

"I think the primary thing that matters to the Republican establishment is the Senate, more so than winning the White House."

"It is the Senate and those chairmanships and being in charge of the money that seems to have everybody in the establishment salivating. Not to change the direction of the country, not to reverse the course we're on, but to simply ascend to the captain's seat of it."

"Another difference between my Operation Chaos and the one the Washington establishment ran yesterday in Mississippi, I didn't fund any Operation Chaos effort. It was just something to do here on the radio. I just urged people, Republicans to cross over if they could, one time, to vote in a Democrat primary, vote for Hillary, keep that race alive. I didn't spend any money on it."

"The primary purpose of the carbon tax is to prevent the accumulation of wealth."

"We are living Democrat policies to the max. The economy contracted 3%. People are out of work. A hundred million people aren't working. We are living under Democrat policies, and the country is going to hell!"

"So the Washington establishment of both parties distribute a flier claiming the Tea Party wanted to prevent blacks from voting on Tuesday. This, combined with other efforts, secured a turnout of black Democrat voters in a Republican primary that gave Thad Cochran, in my view, a corrupt and undeserved victory."

"We are living six years under Democrat policies. People have lost their health care. They have lost their jobs. They have lost their ambition. They have lost faith in the country. They've lost faith in themselves. Young people are hopeless. They're not optimistic. They're not ambitious."


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