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"Uncle Toms for Thad" Sends Libs into Orbit

RUSH: What do blacks call Republican blacks?  I think the term is Uncle Tom.  Clarence Thomas has been called an Uncle Tom. Michael Steele's been called an Uncle Tom. Dr. Sowell has been called an Uncle Tom. Allen West has been called an Uncle Tom. Condoleezza Rice... I'm simply following their thinking and logic and saying, "Well, you had this many black people vote for a Republican, had to be Uncle Toms for Thad."  And I knew it was gonna irritate them.  The truth always does.  So they happily and gleefully take the comment and sound bite out of context.

Chuck-U: Limbaugh Pushing GOP Off Cliff

RUSH: Very few people in the span of a half hour can go from just an entertainer to the titular head and primary fear agent of the Republican Party. Ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you a question.  If we had an issue that was going in our favor, and we thought that we had the Democrats on the verge of going over the cliff, would we try to save 'em, or would we get out of the way and let 'em take the fall?  See, that's the thing.  Chuck, it's a nice try, but we're not buying the notion that you're really trying to help us out here.  

Mississippians Fed Up with Old Thad

RUSH: The RINOs are running around claiming they crushed the Tea Party when the truth is they lost the party.  They won the election and they lost the party. In a Republican primary, the Republican victor needed Democrat votes to win.  And in order to pull that off, the Republican majority, or the RINOs, resorted to race-baiting.  Now, who wants to be part of that future, if that's what the future of the Republican Party is?  

The Reverend Jackson on Thad's Rainbow

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, prepare thyselves, because I have here a sound bite from just this afternoon on Wolf on CNN.  He spoke with the head honcho of the Monochrome Coalition, the Reverend Jackson... If this black turnout for Thad Cochran were really, really meaningful then the Reverend Jackson would be criticizing it. He'd be ripping it to shreds. He'd be calling it illegitimate. He would claim that it was created with lies and deceit. But no.  The Reverend Jackson's all for this.  That alone tells you this doesn't mean diddly-squat.


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