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Open Line Friday Caller Weighs in on Obama's Anger with Al-Maliki, Wonders If Hillary Kiboshed Diane Sawyer


RUSH: It's Open Line Friday, and this is Diane in Alexandria, Virginia. Hi, and I really appreciate your holding on. Hi.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega dittos.

RUSH: Thank you very much.

CALLER: And mega dittos to Mr. Snerdley, too. I just have to say, I think he's one of the most polite people I think I've spoken with in a while. (chuckles) I have a couple of observations over the last week, and I'm just curious about your perspective on them. The first one is I'm curious if you find it more than coincidental that within maybe 10 days of Diane Sawyer's interview of Hillary in which the Democrats probably might figure she was not handled with the delicacy that she is normally handled with, suddenly Diane Sawyer is stepping down from ABC News.

I find that interesting, and the second thing that I wanted your perspective on is, you know, it seems that all of Obama's efforts are to discredit Republicans, paint Republicans, and do whatever he can to ensure that obviously they don't stay in office. He would want nothing but a fully liberal Democrat Congress. Yet, ironically, his biggest beef with al-Maliki, supposedly, is that al-Maliki is not open to a more "inclusive" government. I'm curious what you think about both those things.

RUSH: Well, the fact that Obama's a hypocrite and that liberals are hypocrites is nothing new. Now, the Iraq situation, it is really a complicated mess. That country has really two major problems. One, what it is; and, two, where it is. I'll be happy to 'splain this in the next hour. He wants Maliki out of there 'cause Maliki has ties to Bush. He wants his own guy in there who is basically gonna do his bidding. Obama already thinks he's the Mr. Magnanimous! He thinks he's the epitome of fairness.

He thinks he offers the Republicans every chance in the world to join him. They're the problem because they reject his niceties, they reject his willingness to sacrifice and compromise. That's the way he honestly looks at this. So, look, given circumstances, I would just as soon there be no liberals in Congress if I were president, too. That would be my objective: To make sure every damn one of them lost every election possible. I totally understand that. As to Diane Sawyer losing her job because she was mean to Hillary? I haven't seen any proof otherwise.



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