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Matt Lauer Asks GM CEO a Sexist Question -- and he's one of the Sensitive Ones!
RUSH: Hey, Snerdley. Do you think that you can execute and perform proper fatherhood duties as well as work here and screen calls? Is that an appropriate question for me to ask you? (interruption) A sexist question? I've asked you a sexist question? That can't possibly be sexist. (interruption) Oh, yeah, the very sensitive Matt Lauer asks the CEO of GM: "Are you sure you can do this and balance your motherhood duties?"

And he's one of the sensitive ones!

(interruption) Yeah, he did. "Can you be a good mom and run General Motors at the same time?" The question is, "Can you run General Motors?" (laughing) Well, look it, have they made a car that hasn't been recalled? I hate saying it. As goes General Motors, so goes the country. Everybody loves General Motors.

Rush Makes Triumphant Return to Patsy's in Manhattan
RUSH: What am I doing with my phone all the time?  I went to New York last night for dinner.  I went to Patsy's for dinner.  I went up to Patsy's for dinner.  I saw Joey and I saw Rose and I saw Sal.  I went to dinner at Patsy's for the first time in many, many years.  And I'm trying to get the location to log on this stupid phone.  And it won't log.  That's all.  That's what I'm playing around with the phone for. I took two phones in there with me, and I'm trying to get it to log on both locations on both phones, and it won't do it.  And there are ways I found to get the locations to log. You turn the phone off and on, you recycle the phone, the power restart. Sometimes plug it in and charge it and unplug it, none of that's working.  So I'm afraid the location isn't gonna get logged, which is asinine, 'cause I was there, with two phones.  You know, most people turn the location services off 'cause they think everybody's tracking 'em.  I love it.  I think it's the most amazing thing.  But I realize I'm weird that way.  (interruption)  No, New York knows where I was, not where I'm going, and not where I am.  Big difference.  


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