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Regime Refuses to Sell Fighter Jets to Iraq, Sends Them Running into the Arms of Russia


RUSH: This is very comforting. It is from the BBC. In his first interview with any media since the ISIS invasion began in Iraq, the prime minister there, Nouri al-Maliki, has announced that he is giving up, giving up on trying to get fighter jets from America, because the United States is delaying the process too long.

So Nouri al-Maliki is going to buy fighter jets from Putin instead. He's going to buy fighter jets from Russia. Nouri al-Maliki even says that Iraq was deluded, deluded when they signed the contract with the US. Deluded, what does he mean? Fooled, delusional, stupid, betrayed. Whatever, it sure sounds to me like the Regime is trying to keep the Iraq government from being able to defend themselves. The first thing that Iraq asked for is just some fighter jet cover, just some bombing raids on the ISIS bad guys.

And Obama has dithered and dathered and he's had meetings and he's had summits and he's had press conferences. Well, no, he had an announcement from the Oval Office. He sent 300 military advisors and said that there was no military solution. He said there was no military solution, then sent 300 military advisors and then said both sides had to listen to them, which means, I guess, that we were going to be equal and fair, that half of the 300 military advisors would be advising ISIS and the other half would be advising al-Maliki and Iraq.

So, anyway, al-Maliki said (imitating Maliki), "You know what? I'm being jerked around here. Meanwhile, they're marching on Tikrit. They're marching on other cities. ISIS is really on the march and I've gotta do something to stop 'em. Vladimir Putin said he's gonna send me some jets, so I'm gonna take 'em."

I mean, we're sending the Iraqis right into the waiting arms of the Russians. Could it be, ladies and gentlemen, that what we're doing here is actually just giving Iraq to the Russians? Maliki is all excited now. He's gonna get the Russian jets. He's saying that the Russian jets are gonna turn the tide. He's really hopped up here. He thinks that the jets that the Russians are gonna send him are gonna do bombing raids on ISIS and are gonna turn the tide and stop this onslaught and maybe even reverse it.

Now, the Russians have always wanted Iraq. I mean, there's a lot of oil there. And unlike Obama, Putin actually appreciates it. Putin sees the value in having as much of it as he can get and controlling as much of it as he can. The Russians have always wanted Iraq. In fact, this is not widely known, and it might even be disputed by some who are not aware of it, but one of the reasons way back in the 1980s that the Russians invaded Afghanistan was to get to Iraq. It was a steppingstone.

It was not that Afghanistan was not desired; it was. But it was also going to serve as a steppingstone into Iraq and maybe Iran. We're going back 40 years here. This is a long time ago and people may not have known that at all at the time and may be reluctant to believe it now. But al-Maliki is happy. He said to the BBC he hopes these jets from Russia and Belarus will turn the tide against rebels in the coming days.

"'God willing within one week this force will be effective and will destroy the terrorists' dens.' He said that the process of buying US jets had been 'long-winded' and that the militants' advance could have been avoided if air cover had been in place." So apparently al-Maliki offered to buy some jets from us and Obama wouldn't even sell 'em. Not just wouldn't send any to provide cover, but wouldn't sell any jets to al-Maliki. (interruption) Who, Obama? (interruption) Yeah. He wants Regime change. He wants al-Maliki out of there and that's what he's holding out for, and he's gonna get it.

The Russians. Iraq is gonna -- (interruption) Yes, they are friendly with Iran already. So if you have Iraq pending as a puppet client state of the... We know what Putin wants to do. He wants to reconstitute the Soviet Union. It doesn't have to be the same countries.



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