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"I'm here behind the Golden EIB Microphone from the Left Coast all week. Well, we're off Friday. Friday's Independence Day and a traditional day off here, so we run a patriotic best-of show. We'll be back at the EIB Southern Command next week."

"In the Hobby Lobby case, narrow though it may be, the Supreme Court, by 5-4 majority decision, defended liberty."

"When the left wins a 5-4 decision, it is unquestionably the law of the land, settled law, landmark, you name it, as in the case of Obamacare, was also 5-4. But with that 5-4 decision, 'Well, that didn't divide the country. That was sweeping, and it was massive, and it was landmark. But these two decisions, well, narrow, they just gonna hasten and deepen the partisan divide. It's so sad.'"

"We're back to the thing that we've all talked about on this program for years. Here we have two cases, and everybody breathlessly awaits what nine people who wear black robes are going to say. And whatever those nine people say is final, fini, that's it. And it's awfully precarious."

"The Regime has colluded with 57 Muslim governments in stating that speech that could incite hostility to religion is illegal. Well, did Justice Ginsburg just incite hostility to Islam by complaining about religions that ban homosexuality in her dissent today? I'm just asking. I don't expect to get an answer. I'm just asking."

"I don't know who practices 'unbridled capitalism,' as the pope says. Can anybody tell me where that's practiced? Hong Kong is as close as we've ever had to unbridled capitalism. It was a false premise to begin with."

"Benjamin Moore, which is owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, is being sued by a former employee who's bothered by the 'extremely racially offensive' names of several of the company's paint colors. A Warren Buffett company would do something like this, somebody so close to Obama?"

"Throughout American history, it has been (at the beginning) a minority who fought for, in this case, independence. If there were polls back in the days the founding, they probably would have found a majority opposed to it. They didn't want the hassle, didn't want to put up with it. But this is what leadership is all about. It's undeniable."

"Narrow or not, you cannot take away the fact it's been a pretty good week for the Constitution."

"All these people in Washington, they take an oath to uphold, defend, and protect the Constitution. And therefore, the Constitution was defended and protected in two rulings today. So Obama and the boys take that oath, they ought to be happy, right? However, they aren't."


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