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Americans Do NOT Want Amnesty; Blame Obama for the Flood of Child Refugees, Iraq Crisis, IRS Scandal


RUSH: Here's Bob in Kansas City.  Bob, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Rush.

RUSH:  Yeah.  It's a pleasure.

RUSH:  Thank you, Bob.

CALLER:  I'm gonna take this off my bucket list.

RUSH:  Wow.  Cool.

CALLER:  Can you hear me?

RUSH:  I do indeed.

CALLER:  Okay.  Thank you.  By the way, I've been on hold for a while, but even that was a pleasure because I got to listen to all those parodies that you have.

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.

CALLER:  You don't hear that on the radio normally because you have commercials during that time.

RUSH:  Well, you have heard them.  They have aired at times on the show when they have been relevant time-wise but, yes, they do -- if you've been on hold that long, do you need a bathroom break?

CALLER:  I already did.

RUSH:  Okay, cool.  All right.

CALLER:  Snerdley took care of that.  He said I had time.

RUSH:  That's cool.

CALLER:  But thank you.  What I was calling about was another issue that Obama has created and then he's trying to point out that it's not his fault, it's someone else's.  But the problems at the border, the overcrowding, the unaccompanied minors, all that are his own making.  He's not enforcing the current laws, and by not enforcing the current laws we have all these problems. And now he's blaming them on Congress.  And Congress already has passed laws that he's not enforcing.

RUSH:  Well, it's a little more complicated than that, and I'll explain why.  The current law says that unaccompanied children who arrive illegally from nations contiguous to the United States, which are Mexico and Canada, can be sent back automatically.  But there is an exception to the law.  If children arrive from nations who are not contiguous with the United States, they cannot be sent back.  Well, guess where they're coming from?  They're coming from El Salvador, not contiguous.  They're coming from Guatemala, not contiguous.  They're coming from Ecuador, not contiguous.  Not an accident, either. 

I mean, it's quite a lot of territory these young kids are managing to traverse and travel.  Now, I'm gonna have to double-check this, but I think this is a Bush-era immigration law.  I could be wrong about that.  I read this on the fly last night, but I don't think that the contiguous law is of Obama's making.  Again, I could be wrong about it, but he's got an out on that, and it is a problem.  If you're gonna obey the law, and that's always up for grabs for Obama.  The soft ground that he's on here is that if he doesn't like a law he oftentimes just breaks it.  If he does like a law, he will adhere to it.  Well, in this case he loves this law.  He loves the fact that we cannot send them back.  We cannot send them back. 

Now you're right Obama killed the border fence.  Obama is responsible for welcoming everybody.  I don't doubt that for a minute.  Obama and the Democrat Party are totally responsible.  You don't think in these noncontiguous countries that the word hasn't gone out that if you get there, you can stay?  There's Pelosi down there greeting them, saying, "Oh, man, they're so lovable, there's so much humanity, sparkling humanity, I wish Paul and I could take them all home."  That's her husband, who panicked when he heard that. 

But regardless, the Democrats are making it clear to anybody in the world -- no, no.  I take it back.  They're making it clear to the poor of the world that they've got a home here. All you gotta do is get here, and the law is they can't be sent back.  What'll happen is that an effort will be made to find their parents and unite them with their parents here.  I'm gonna have to double-check, but I think the contiguous aspect of immigration law does date back to Bush.  I'm pretty sure that I read that accurately last night. 

In another related bit of news, this is from The Daily Caller: "Only one in five Americans want to see additional immigration." That's 20%.  Only 20% of the American people want additional immigration.  What are the Democrats telling the Republicans?  "You better sign on to it or you're never gonna get another Hispanic vote and you're never gonna win the presidency, and we Democrats, we really want you to win the presidency now and then so we can blame everything on you.  We don't want you never to win it, but you're gonna have to get some love from the Hispanics here."  So the Republicans are buying into that left and right, obviously. 

"Only one in five Americans want to see additional immigration, while two in five Americans want less immigration, says a new Gallup poll.  The June 27 Gallup poll helps to explain why the GOP’s rejected the media-touted lobbying push for the Senate’s June 2013 immigration-boosting bill."  The Regime has this polling data, too.  This is why they're doubling down on the other direction.  They're trying to scare the Republicans, "You better get this done. You better get this done by August. You better get there or you don't have a prayer."  The Democrats want it done because it won't get done after November when they lose the elections. 

But see, if what Obama says is true, the vast majority of Americans do want amnesty.  He's out there saying (imitating Obama), "This is what the American people want.  It's clear.  And the Hispanic population of America, it's clear."  So he's out there misrepresenting public opinion on this.  If what Obama claims is true, that the vast majority of Americans want amnesty, then I guarantee you the Republicans in Congress would be tripping all over themselves to pass it. 

But just as Obama lied about how America wanted Obamacare, he's lying amnesty.  Twenty percent of the American people want additional immigration.  If it were 50% or more, the Republicans, you couldn't stop them. 

"Progressives and business groups have spent at least $1.5 billion since 2008 pushing for increased immigration, and routinely insist that the public supports their version of comprehensive immigration reform."

Folks, it's another one of these example.  We've been saying until we're blue in the face that Obama is simply misrepresenting all this when he claims most Americans support amnesty, that most Americans support blanket immigration.  They don't.  It's one in five, which equals two in 10, which equals 20%.  On June 27th, what, four days ago, Obama was on Good Morning America, he said the majority of the American people want to see immigration reform done.  He said it yesterday in the Rose Garden.  They don't.  We don't.  Only 20% do. 

And an IBD/TIPP Poll released Monday:  "59% Blame Obama for Flood of Child Border Crossings." This has not been in the real world where real people live and have thoughts. This has been a devastating two weeks for Obama.  He's losing in droves at the Supreme Court, public opinion is rejecting him overwhelmingly, and he just goes out and lies about it. 

"The late June survey found that the public largely blames Obama policies for the crisis in Iraq and believes the lost IRS emails are an administration effort to cover up wrongdoing at the agency."  Fifty-nine percent of the American people believe -- well, it's an Investor's Business Daily/TIPP poll.  I mean, you might want to discount the poll.  But you can't reject this one if you don't reject them all.  If you're gonna accept them, you accept them. 

Fifty-nine percent blame Obama for the flood of child border crossings.  The public largely blames Obama's policies for the crisis in Iraq and blames Obama, believes the lost IRS e-mails are an Obama effort to cover up wrongdoing at the IRS.


RUSH:  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my memory was correct.  The law about noncontiguous countries is part of the Unaccompanied Alien Children Act.  It was signed into law by George W. Bush in 2002, and it specifically states that if the children arrive from a nation not contiguous with the in the United States -- meaning, for those of you in Rio Linda, if we don't share a border.

Like Mexico and Canada are contiguous. But El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala are not.  Interestingly, they are contiguous with Mexico, but they are not contiguous with us.  So those children, when they arrive, get to stay, and then unsaid is -- and I don't know when Obama discovered this loophole, but it's been around since 2002.  Clearly it is being exploited.  There's no way that out of the blue, in the Summer of 2014, that 60,000 unaccompanied kids start showing up on the Hobo Express. 

It just doesn't happen on its own.  What kind of parents would just, you know, waive good-bye to little Jose out the front door and say, "Make sure and write"?  They're being sent. The parents know that if the kids get there, they get to stay, and that's what matters to them -- and it's a Bush-era law.  So Obama's found it, is exploiting it, and trying to put pressure on the Republicans to do amnesty as we speak.  



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