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Hillary Reportedly Despondent Over Her Book's Failure


RUSH: There was another apparent entry from Ed Klein today, who is the author of that Hillary book, Blood Clot, that's not in the book. Apparently the story is that Hillary is just despondent and depressed over the massive failure of her book. I mean, she's really down in the dumps, so much so that Bill Clinton has had to come off wherever he is. He's had to come home and he's trying to inspire Hillary.

He's trying to really buck her up and get her back up into gear, because it's he that wants back in the White House so bad. I have that story, and I'll get to it in moments. But it does not paint a pretty picture. And, by the way, I'm comfortable in mentioning these Ed Klein assertions 'cause I haven't heard anybody yet dispute anything in his book, have you? I haven't heard anybody dispute anything in it.

Apparently he's got some really close sources that are telling him lots of stuff that's going on behind closed doors wherever the Clintons are, and she's apparently zombi'd over this book failure. I can imagine. If you're Hillary Clinton or any of these Democrats within their orb, you're out there thinking that you're loved and adored and you have a massive, active, loyal fan base -- and they don't. They don't have a personal connection.

Nobody in Washington does, really. Not anymore. They're all aloof and removed and perceived as elites and have no interest in or understanding of life for most people in America. But it's easy; it's obvious that they fall into the trap of believing this sycophant media crap that's written about 'em for 50 years, 25 years... (interruption) I know. I know. They haven't been attacked. I mean, Hillary? Just put buckets of excrement in front of her and she steps in every one of them.

I know the media hasn't attacked her, but for the course of her life the media's always defended them. The media's never given them treatment like conservative Republicans get. My point is that psychologically, you can make yourself believe that you are loved and adored when people don't care one way or the other about you. Personally, I think to the extent Mrs. Clinton's cared about is as a symbol.

"First woman here. Smartest woman there. First woman president. How did she ever get Bill Clinton? Why did Bill Clinton marry her?" These are the things people are kind of curious about with Hillary Clinton. But there is no bond of love and loyalty and appreciation and interest, and the proof of it is this book. Nobody cares. You know, remember the story that somebody added up all the free media Hillary was getting when that book came out, and it added up to $50 million?

Even with that, the book never made it to number one on Amazon. It's already, in two or three weeks, falling out of the top 20. Meanwhile, Klein's become is number three or two and it's climbing. I said back then, "If she had a built-in fan base, they wouldn't need a dime's worth of promotion. Just say the book's available, and these mad Hillary fans would be out there lined up to buy it like they buy the iPhone."

But it didn't happen. So Hillary is sitting there at wherever, at White Hall or Chappaqua, faced with the reality that nobody cares, that she's not on everybody's mind all the time, and she's not anybody's heroin. So she's depressed, she's despondent, and thinking she couldn't win (which is probably true). So Bill is out now trying to get her all back up into gear and ready to go, and there's even more detail in that story.



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