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"Freedom is not the natural state of man. It's the natural yearning of human beings, but it's not the natural state. The natural state is tyranny. That's been the history of human civilization from the beginning. That's why the US was such an exception."

"The story of America is unique in world history, it's unique in human history, and it does not need to be exaggerated or anything. It's just a great, great story."

"It's actually hilarious to see Hillary Clinton denouncing the whole thing when it is one of her own husband's pieces of legislation that was used to uphold this ruling. The Clintons are out basically bashing themselves while trying to make it look like they're bashing somebody else."

"The impact of the written word is undeniable."

"I finally figured out why television doesn't do it for me. The camera is so far away. When I'm on TV I don't have any sense of intimacy or of actually relating to people. It's just this box with a lens on it that's way the hell over there on the other side of the room."

"There's a way to solve this for the women who work at Hobby Lobby. Obama can just unilaterally make the insurance companies pay as is the law in the Affordable Care Act for nonprofits. But he's not gonna do that. He wants to be able to fund-raise for it."

"If you visit my website, you'll read these discussions today on Hobby Lobby in full. When I finally got to the end summary, I was able to do it inside of three minutes, but it took a whole first hour of setup so that the summary made sense."

"What we're trying to do in the Rush Revere time-travel adventure series is to teach kids -- maybe for the first time -- just how difficult securing the kind of freedom everybody takes for granted was; how it happened, who did it, what they went for, what they lost, what they risked, and why."

"I'm here behind the Golden EIB Microphone from the Left Coast all week. Well, we're off Friday. Friday's Independence Day and a traditional day off here, so we run a patriotic best-of show. We'll be back at the EIB Southern Command next week."

"If what Obama claims is true, that the vast majority of Americans want amnesty, then I guarantee you the Republicans in Congress would be tripping all over themselves to pass it. But just as Obama lied about how America wanted Obamacare, he's lying amnesty."

"Radio, done right, is the most intimate of all media."


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