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The Rush Revere Books Are Needed, Because the Forces of Evil Are Always Aligned Against Freedom


RUSH: Okay, here's Jason in Dallas.  Jason, you're next on the Rush Limbaugh program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  Mega Lone Star State dittos.  How are you today?

RUSH:  Excellent, sir.  I always love getting calls from Tex'iss.

CALLER:  Well, we love listening to you.

RUSH:  Thank you.

CALLER:  So I see everything going on in the world. I see the world falling apart, American absence. I see our economy in tatters and I see people out of work. But I don't see mass protests by hordes of women saying, "Where are my free contraceptives?"  When did this become a thing?

RUSH:  (laughing) When did free contraception become a thing? Do you really not know or are you baiting the host?

CALLER:  No, I'm not baiting.  I really don't know.  I remember Stephanopoulos asking the question during a Republican primary debate in 2012, and the stunned looks of disbelief. "What is this guy talking about?" It seems like ever since then, it's just been a thing, and I don't know where it came from.

RUSH:  Because the Democrats wanted it to be. Stephanopoulos is a Democrat who happens to be working as a journalist at ABC.  It was in a Republican debate, January 2012, that he asked Mitt Romney about contraception.  And, you're right, Romney and everybody else asked, "Contraception?  Nobody's talking about contraception! Well, what...?"

"That doesn't matter! Do you think women should have a right to contraception?"

"What?  George, I don't know that anybody's talking about --"

"Just answer the question! Do you think the states should have the right to legislate it!"

Romney eventually said something that allowed them to then say, "See! The Republicans are conducting a War on Women," and once that happened, they put their plan in action. There was already a plan in place.  Once that happened, then a bunch of college co-eds started demanding that it be paid for by everybody else as a benefit, because it was so expensive, they couldn't be expected to pay for it, given their tuition costs and everything else. 

It then blossomed into another entitlement, where women were entitled to contraception 'cause pregnancy is, in many cases a disease, and we need medication for the disease, which is contraceptives. So then the whole notion that it be paid for was designed, of course, to gin up Republican opposition, and then the Democrats could claim, "See?  They hate women! War on Women!"  But you're right. There wasn't a mass clamor for it.  They created it.

CALLER:  The left expands what the so-called rights are.  We do nothing. The bigger issue, I think, is that if they're allowed to do that -- and either, A, he believes these people will fall for it; or, B, people actually do fall for it -- I think that is the real issue, which then underscores the fact that what you're doing with your books, for example, is really the most important thing we can do.  Because if people fall for that, it's our problem.

RUSH:  Well, in a land of free will, yeah. People have responsibilities.  Freedom has to be fought for.


CALLER:  Yeah.  The Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd has it wrong when you're talking about your books. That is the issue.  Educating the next generation on what the American values are, what it means to be self-governing, and what individual responsibility looks like.  That is the one and primary issue that we should be worried about right now.

RUSH:  Well, I really appreciate that, because I happen to agree. You know, freedom... People born to it take it for granted and think that it just is what is, particularly young kids today. They're not learning. They're not learning about freedom.  They're learning that their government is horrible, racist, sexist, bigoted past, and it was unfair and it was unjust to people. They're not learning the truth about it.

They're also not learning that freedom is not the natural state.  It's the natural yearning of human beings, but it's not the natural state.  The natural state is tyranny.  That's been the history of human civilization from the beginning.  That's why the US was such an exception.  It was the first nation in the history of mankind... Well, the Magna Carta was a huge, huge precedent. 

But America was the first nation in history that enshrined, in its founding documents, the role of government as subservient to the people. That had never been stated, and it had never been created, because it was never the case.  The people were always subservient.  The people were always dependent.  The people were always afraid.  Tyranny, bondage (if you want to call it that), statism, authoritarianism, was always the natural order.

That was the way people lived, until the United States came along.  And what we're trying to do in the Rush Revere time-travel adventure series is to teach kids -- and maybe for the first time -- just how difficult securing the kind of freedom everybody takes for granted was; how it happened, who did it, what they went for, what they lost, what they risked, and why. All of these questions we are trying to answer in these series of books, the Rush Revere time-travel adventure series. 

It's written for ages 10 to 13, but it's actually written for everybody, for parents and grandparents to read to the kids who may not be able to read it yet 'cause they're too young.  But it's such a great story.  It doesn't need to be embellished.  The story of America is unique in world history, it's unique in human history, and it does not need to be exaggerated or anything.  It's just a great, great story. And this is a great, great country. And people need to love this country and they need to be proud of this country and they need to understand why. 


RUSH:  The last thing I was gonna point out is how difficult freedom is to maintain, how difficult it is to hold onto, because the forces of nature are always aligned against it.  It's just the way it is.  The forces of nature are aligned against... I don't know. Maybe it's not the forces of nature. It's the forces of evil are always aligned against freedom.  The allure for that kind of power and the desire to control and dominate and enrich one's self as a result of that control is something that we constantly face. 

Since the founding of this country, we've faced it.  It's not new today.  What's new today about it is that we've never elected people to the highest levels of power who believe that this place sucks.  We've never elected people to the highest levels of power who have openly spoken of transforming this country into something it isn't because they don't like what it is, for whatever reasons.  That's what's new. 

But the forces arrayed against liberty and freedom are everywhere, and it is the natural state of things.  So in these books that we write, the time-travel adventures with exceptional Americans (with Rush Revere and his talking horse) are designed to get to young people and counter what they're being told elsewhere, to make 'em proud.

Let 'em know how difficult it is. They were born to this.  They have a different understanding of it than the people fleeing oppression trying to get here.  So I really appreciate those nice words about the books, 'cause it is a seminal issue.  Education, I guarantee you, is something that we've lost significant control of.



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