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Yes, Rush Watched the World Cup (Sorry, Liberals)

RUSH: Kathryn wanted to watch the World Cup.  And I did, too, I must admit, even though I saw a poll out there that indicates soccer is preferred by leftists.  It's kind of close, 38% leftists, 28% conservative, 27% independent.  I don't know who did the poll, but they're all trying to figure out what the heck is soccer and who in this country likes it and what's gonna happen to World Cup TV ratings now that the US is out of it.

Why Cheer a 5-4 Decision for Hobby Lobby? Freedom and Liberty are Hanging by a Thread!

RUSH: All the Supreme Court affirmed was, they have a right not to provide.  That was it.  The other 16 they pay for.  The four that they refused to pay for are still available to anybody who wants them, either buying them themselves or asking their insurance to cover them or whatever.  They're cheap. They're not expensive whatsoever in any way, shape, manner or form, nine dollars a month.  And here comes Hillary Clinton thinking this decision is a step toward the kind of anti-women policy seen in extremist undemocratic nations is outrageous.

Nobody Can Name Anything Hillary Did as SecState

CALLER: When "Sir" Hillary was secretary of state and had a world forum, why is it she never made one of the most important issues of the time, in her little administration that she had as secretary of state, to go to Indonesia or India or China, where their policy of birth control and contraceptives is if you have an extra child, they'll kill 'em? Let alone the Middle East where they have Sharia law, and if you were to have an abortion, I imagine you'd be stoned.

So It's the Statue of Immigration, Now? The Truth of Ellis Island and Richard Trumka's Warped View of the Problem

RUSH:  Mr. Trumka, you know, you and your buds keep saying the immigration system is broken.  I thought we fixed it back in 1986.  I thought that's what the Simpson-Mazzoli Act was all about.  And that Senator Kennedy promised us if we just let this three million -- at the time that's what it was -- three million, just legalize them, make them citizens, give them amnesty and we'll close the borders and this is never, ever gonna happen again.

Newspaper Apologizes for Endorsing Obama

RUSH: "The Billings Gazette apologized on Friday for its 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama for president in an editorial titled 'Gazette Opinion: Obama Earned the Low Ratings.'" The Billings, Montana, Gazette in its editorial said, "it missed George W. Bush and the 'good ol’ days when we were at least winning battles in Iraq.'" ... So big whoop.  Apologize six years after the fact.

Government Admits They Can't Weed Out Illegals and Fraudsters from Obamacare Applications

RUSH: Now, I mentioned earlier, ladies and gentlemen: "Federal officials can’t resolve 85 percent of 2.9 million 'inconsistencies' on applications for Obamacare even after nine months of trying, according to new data provided by the administration. Most of the problems..." are you ready? Wait for it. "Most of the problems involve certifying citizenship."


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