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Newspaper Apologizes for Endorsing Obama


RUSH: A newspaper has apologized for its 2008 Obama endorsement. "The Billings Gazette apologized on Friday for its 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama for president in an editorial titled 'Gazette Opinion: Obama Earned the Low Ratings.'" The Billings, Montana, Gazette in its editorial said, "it missed George W. Bush and the 'good ol’ days when we were at least winning battles in Iraq.'" 

The Billings, Montana, Gazette, in its editorial, apologizing for their 2008 endorsement of Obama, said that Obama had failed on energy policy -- Keystone pipeline -- failed in Iraq.  They wrote that "the Bowe Bergdahl exchange made the Obama administration seem incompetent. ... The VA system been mismanaged.  Obama has also broken his promise to become the 'most transparent administration in history.' The Gazette said the president’s administration is so opaque that is has earned a reputation worse than that of Richard Nixon."

And then the Billings, Montana, Gazette, apologizing for its 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama, closed its editorial by noting that these mistakes made by Obama "demonstrate a disturbing trend of incompetence and failure."  From the editorial: "These are all signs -- none of them definitive on their own, necessarily. However, when taken in completely, these demonstrate a disturbing trend of incompetence and failure. It’s not just that Americans are in a sour mood about national politics. That’s probably part of it. Instead, Obama has become another in a line of presidents long on rhetoric and hopelessly short on action. Obama’s hope and change have left liberals and conservatives alike hoping for real change, not just more lofty rhetoric."

Would I be justified in saying See, I Told You So?  Suckers are born every minute.  These people fell for all of that rhetoric.  They fell for all of it.  They knew exactly.  My point is that everyone -- well, that may be going a bit far.  I just think they knew.  I don't know how engaged people could not have known who Obama is.  I just don't understand that.  How could people who are engaged or able to read or able to find out what somebody stands for, what they've said, what they believe in, have resources, how could they not know?  Well, that's it.  They wanted to believe that what they knew wasn't true. 

They wanted to believe the hope and change. They wanted to believe utopia was possible.  They wanted to believe in all this stuff.  And of course there's the racial component they're not even gonna touch here, which has to have been a factor in a lot of this, the historical aspect of the election and so forth. 

So big whoop.  Apologize six years after the fact.  (interruption)  Well, you take it, but my point is they could have written this editorial before he assumed office and been right about everything they said in their editorial on Friday.  If they'd written everything they wrote on Friday before he was inaugurated, they would have been right. They would have been proven right and be seen as prescient.


RUSH:  I want to make it clear, the Billings, Montana, Gazette didn't just arrive at this editorial Friday.  They endorsed Romney in 2012.  So they realized the error of their ways in Obama's first term. It just finally, I guess, hit a breaking point last Friday.  



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