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Pearls of Wisdom

"Dinesh D'Souza's 'America,' see it while you can -- meaning see the movie 'America' while you can. D'Souza loves the country, and believes that this world would be just a profoundly different, darker, worse place without America."

"I mean, let's face it, that's who started soccer: Animal-abusing white guys cared nothing about animal rights, kicking pig bladders, and I'm sure if they ran out of pigs they went and got a cow bladder. One bladder fits all."

"We conservatives stand up and cheer when we manage to get five people to see the law the right way. 'Oh, my God! Oh, Lord! Thank you so much, Lord. You saved another day.' Five people out of nine justices said the Constitution means what it says. The troubling thing to me is the four people that didn't!"

"You can't dump your dog on the street in most of America, but you can dump 50,000 kids from Central America. I'm not comparing the children to dogs. I'm talking about the difference in law."

"The problem we face is that way too many people -- because of public education and who knows what else -- believe, accept (without any thought, without any questioning, without any doubt) whatever comes out of Washington, DC, and that Washington, DC, ought to be in charge of virtually everything."

"I get so frustrated when self-reliance gets castigated. It's insensitive and insulting to suggest that somebody take care of themselves now!"

"We've got a best-of show on Independence Day, which will be well worth your time to listen. But since we won't be live on the 4th, we'll do Open Line Friday on Thursday, as we end another classic broadcast week."

"Kathryn wanted to watch the World Cup. And I did, too, I must admit, even though I saw a poll out there that indicates soccer is preferred by leftists."

"Soccer's founding, a pig's bladder. In England entire towns would kick a pig's bladder from one landmark to another. The game was often seen as a nuisance and was even banned for some periods of Britain's history."

"We're in such dangerous territory in terms of losing our freedom that we cheer when five out of nine people uphold the Constitution. We're not advancing anything, folks. We are barely hanging on here."

"Self-reliance is now a bad thing. Self-reliance, individualism is a bad thing. Going along with the crowd, agreeing with everybody, adapting to the conventional wisdom, that's what everybody wants you to do."

"Obamacare, have you seen the numbers? Two-point-nine million inconsistencies among current enrollees that cannot be fixed, 2.9 million. And you know why they can't be fixed? Because the government doesn't know what the hell it's doing."


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