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Yes, Rush Watched the World Cup (Sorry, Liberals)


RUSH: So I raced out of here yesterday.  Kathryn wanted to watch the World Cup.  And I did, too, I must admit, even though I saw a poll out there that indicates soccer is preferred by leftists.  It's kind of close, 38% leftists, 28% conservative, 27% independent.  I don't know who did the poll, but they're all trying to figure out what the heck is soccer and who in this country likes it and what's gonna happen to World Cup TV ratings now that the US is out of it. 

The poll said that the vast majority of soccer fans are liberals. So I wanted to look into it. Where did soccer come from? Who the hell invented this game?  'Cause I know who invented golf.  You know who invented golf?  It was a bunch of shepherds in Scotland who got bored tending their flocks and they had their staffs and they started hitting rocks around, and that's how they created the game of golf.  I'm not kidding you, way back, 1700s, 1800s or whatever.  So I wondered about the roots of soccer.

I raced outta here yesterday. I wanted to get home 'cause Kathryn was meeting me at the hotel. We were gonna go to a sports bar but then she said, "No, you'll get mobbed." 

I said, "No, no, no, we can sneak in there and I'll wear a cap." 

She said, "No, no, no, we'll watch at the hotel."  She went out and got some snacks and I sat there and watched it for a couple hours, knowing full well that I'm in a minority, watching the game 'cause I'm a conservative.  I'm actually pulling for the US.  They were dominated totally. The Belgians were on offense most of the game, but was it close, and it was actually enjoyable.  So then I said, "Okay, where does this game come from?" 

It originated with the pig bladder.  Did you know that?  That was the original soccer ball, a pig bladder.  When you find out where this game came from you will know why liberals love it so much.  (interruption)  Yeah, pigs are part of footballs, pigskin.  Well, I'm not sure that that's actually true anymore.  It's lore, tradition, it might have used to be. At any rate, soccer began to evolve in modern Europe, and there's your linkage to liberals right there, 'cause they think Europe is utopia.  They don't have a military, everybody else supports them, and they sit around and play elite all day. 

The ninth century, that's when it began to evolve.  In England entire towns would kick a pig's bladder from one landmark to another.  The game was often seen as a nuisance and was even banned for some periods of Britain's history.  Soccer's founding, a pig's bladder.  How can progressives -- if you liberals learn that this game's origins occurred after brutality to an animal, that the modern soccer ball traces its roots to a pig bladder, animal-abusing white guys, I mean, let's face it, that's who started soccer. Animal-abusing white guys cared nothing about animal rights, kicking pig bladders, and I'm sure if they ran out of pigs they went and got a cow bladder. One bladder fits all. 

And they're heading them.  Somebody had to figure out, "Well, you can't touch the ball with your hands." After all, who would want to touch a pig bladder?  No wonder the game is played with your feet only.  Who in the world would want to be throwing a pig bladder around?  So you could only kick it, and somebody had to eventually learn how to head a pig bladder.  So it all makes sense, folks, when you find out where the game came from.  



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