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Dan Balz Discovers the Limbaugh Theorem


RUSH: Dan Balz has a column today in the Washington Post that just steals the Limbaugh Theorem.  I don't know that he knows he's stealing it because I doubt that Dan Balz listens to this program.  Dan Balz is a Washington Post columnist.  He's probably one of these reporters, one of these guys that finds out what happens here by reading Media Matters.  But he's got a column, "Obama's Annoyance with Congress Boils Over," and the purpose of Dan Balz's column... It's B-a-l-z, by the way.  Don't get any ideas. 

The purpose of his piece is to explain to people how Obama's doing what he's doing, and it takes him a whole column to get to it.  Here's what he says: "In the face of widespread disaffection toward Washington and with congressional approval ratings falling below 10%, the president wants to be seen as the one person trying to take action on behalf of people. What­ever he can to do to separate himself from other politicians in Washington, the better."

That's the Limbaugh Theorem!  He's trying to make it look like he's got nothing to do with what's going on.  It's everybody else's fault.  He's got no accountability.  That's why every day there's a new Obama appearance with a complaint about something.  The latest one is the highway bill. (imitating Obama) "We're gonna lose 700,000 jobs if the Congress doesn't fork over the money for the highway bill and renew it."  You would never know that he's the president for six years.  You would never know that the state of the economy has anything to do with him, because he remains an outsider just like everybody else, and he's just as mystified by what's going on in Washington.  And even after six years he portrays himself as somebody trying to fix all of this, as though he's got nothing to do with current circumstances. 

Dan Balz has just figured out it out.  Now, the difference in Balz and me is that Dan Balz is giving Obama all kinds of credit for brilliance and smarts here.  He's not trying to expose anything that Obama's doing.  He's praising him for this.  I, on the other hand, am trying to expose what all Obama is doing to try to explain to people the mystifying truth that even after six years in the Oval Office, he seeks to avoid any responsibility or accountability.  But I think that's coming to an end as I point out these poll data numbers that show his administration bottoming out, approval numbers. 

Remember, the Drive-Bys are not hammering him.  The news every day is not filled with how badly Obama's doing, and yet the people of this country report that they think he's doing a horrible job.  It must be that they're actually living it, which means it's real.  It's not the result of buzz or PR.  



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