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Obama's Border Patrol: Taxpayer-Funded Coyotes


RUSH: Let me get this straight.  I need to understand something.  The news media and even congressmen are being prevented from seeing what's going on down on the border and in the numerous processing centers around the country, out of concern, of course, for the safety of the illegal alien children.  That's right.  Now, meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is letting these illegals invent families.  I told you this was going to happen.  I remember when I did mention this that a number of people thought, "Come on, Rush, that's not what's happening." 

I don't understand, after 25 years people still doubt me.  I don't think it's really doubting me.  I've really come to believe that people still have a tough time accepting exactly who Obama is and exactly what his plans are.  So, for instance, I mentioned anybody could figure out that 55 or 60,000 kids don't just happen to coincidentally show up on the Southern border.  That takes some sort of plan and it takes some sort of planning. 

Then you add to it, as I said, the next thing that's gonna happen is they will find their parents because every child needs a parent as well as a village.  Every child needs a parent.  We can't have these children separated.  This is how we tug at the heartstrings of the American people.  And then the next obvious thing is to track down their parents in El Salvador, Guatemala, wherever else, Honduras, and bring them here. 

"No, Rush, that's never gonna happen."  It's exactly what's going on, folks, out of concern for the children.  And right here it is.  The Department of Homeland Security is letting these illegals invent families if they have to in order to exploit the loophole in our law.  And that is a law from 2002.  It dates back to the Bush administration, which allows children who arrive here from noncontiguous countries to stay.  If they come from Mexico or Canada, they can sent back within 24, 48 hours, whatever it is.  And isn't it coincidental that all these children are coming from noncontiguous countries.  That's what I mean by exploiting a loophole in the law. 

I forget why this happened, but it was not intended for this.  This is another unintended consequence of the 2002 law.  So what is happening now, I kid you not, the Department of Homeland Security is letting these illegal children, unaccompanied children, invent families in order to exploit that loophole.  They're letting them hook up with complete strangers and then pretending that they're relatives just to get across the border and escorted into the US heartland.  They have to find Democrat friendly lawyers to make these kinds of arrangements. 

Now, we're still not finished.  On top of that the Department of Homeland Security is releasing other, quote, unquote, alien children to people who are claiming to be relatives but no proof is required -- or as Lanny Davis would say, "poof."  So let me just summarize.  The department of Homeland Security is letting these illegal kids invent families to exploit that 2002 loophole in the law.  They're doing it by letting them hook up with complete strangers who pretend their relatives.  That gets them across border and escorted into the US heartland, not just California, not just Arizona, not just Texas.  That's how they could end up in New York City. That's how they could end up in Long Island. 

On top of that, the Department of Homeland Security is releasing other alien children to people who are just claiming to be relatives without any proof being required or offered. People who are already in the country illegally, in fact, are claiming, "Oh, yes, that's my third cousin 14 times removed, yes, yes, no problem."  And they're welcomed in.  And we are supposed to believe that the Department of Homeland Security is concerned about the safety of these kids?  They're being turned over to people that don't even know them.  They're being put together with people that don't even know them.

What does it all add up to?  It certainly isn't coincidental and it certainly isn't an outpouring of US compassion that explains this.  There might be some of that, but that's not what explains this.  Now, I will go out on a limb here, and I will posit the possibility that we may as well accept the fact that the Border Patrol is no longer a Border Patrol in terms of the way they're being used by the Regime.  You could say that the Border Patrol now has been converted into taxpayer-paid coyotes.  What does a coyote do?  A coyote arranges transit for an illegal of any age from Mexico or anywhere else across the border. They come in packs. They sardine 'em in vans, you know the drill. 

The Border Patrol is escorting these unaccompanied children across the border and connecting them with their so-called relatives who they've never met before, exactly what coyotes do.  They're picking up where the Mexican coyotes leave off, literally.  This is gonna be a very controversial thing to say, and again, it's obvious this is what's happening. But so few people can get their arms around it and believe it that it sounds like, once again, I'm coming up with another bunch of extreme statements.  I'm just telling you what's going on down there.  I could not invent this.  My mind doesn't work this way.  I could not in any way, shape, manner form be involved. 

The only way I could come up with this explanation is to watch it happen.  There's no politics in this analysis that I'm giving you here.  I'm just telling you what's happening, as they say, on the ground.  The Border Patrol are meeting illegal aliens at the border.  They're escorting them to their destinations in the US as an added bonus, el freebo.  Now, unlike the Mexican coyotes, they are doing it free.  Well, not really, because we, the taxpayers, are actually paying them to do this. 

And every mainstream media, every Drive-By Media report on the flood of illegals contains some boilerplate like this.  This is from an AP article.  Quote, "After being processed, the migrants will be turned over to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Those planning on staying with family members or friends across the country will be taken to bus terminals or airports, but will be required to report to the nearest ICE facility for case management." 

Now, bear in mind here, you're a low-information voter and you read this on Yahoo News or wherever you go, wherever a low-information, if they even do, but I assume they do. AP's in 4,000 newspapers, it's headlined at Yahoo News and all these mobile websites that the low-information crowd use on their smartphones. They'll read something like that, "Oh, isn't that wonderful, why, they're just coming here to improve their lives. They're escaping poverty and bondage and they're coming here to escape their lives and we are helping. Oh, aren't we beautiful people."  And then they turn on the radio or whatever and they hear the truth and they don't believe it, 'cause it sounds so unreal.  Again, I think it's part of the plan, and that's why this AP boilerplate is required. 

Again, "After being processed, the migrants" -- addressed that yesterday.  Migrants go home.  Migrants were Cesar Chavez's gang.  They came over here and they picked lettuce for a while and they went back home.  These are not migrants.  These are refugees, when you get right down to it.  But, anyway: "After being processed, the migrants will be turned over to US Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). Those planning on staying --" Oh, yeah, like they're just arriving, getting off the bus here, they're 10 years old, 11 years old, getting off the bus from Chihuahua, and the AP says, yeah, and after they get off the bus, if they decide to stay, fashion that, if they decide to stay, then they will be turned over to ICE and they will put them together "with family members or friends across the country will be taken to bus terminals or airports," and when they get to where they're going, they have to show up at the nearest ICE facility for case management, 10-year-olds, 11-year-olds, they have to do that, and of course they will. 

Now, bear in mind here, again, what we're being told.  Bear in mind that these illegal aliens have walked up here from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, a trip of nearly a thousand miles.  They're walking, some of them are on trains.  There are freight trains that come up.  One of the freight trains is called a death train. There's been pictures of them, I mean, sardined in these freight trains.  So they're walking, they're taking trains, somehow getting here.  They've crossed two borders illegally.  They have paid coyotes their life savings.  Who can doubt that they will obediently report sometime in the distant future to the nearest ICE facility to be deported?  That's gonna happen.  Right? 

Another misrepresentation that happens in practically every Drive-By news article is the claim that these children from Central America are being misinformed about being able to stay here.  Every story, practically every story contains the notion that they're not really gonna get to stay, that they're being misinformed, they're coming here on a false premise and that after all the processing they're gonna be sent back.  They're not being many of you informed. They will be allowed to stay and everybody knows it and Obama wants it.  In fact, many of them are using money for their trip that is sent to them by their friends and relatives who are in the US illegally.  I mean, there is a pipeline.  There are some of these kids who have friends and relatives, but they're also being hooked up with people that don't know them. 

It's Democrat Party outreach.  But they know the truth, they're gonna be able to stay.  How many times have you seen the story if you're paying any attention to this -- if you haven't, you're just going to have to trust me.  How many times have you seen the story that the parents of these kids way back in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, are sending the kids because they have heard, they have been told that they'll get to stay, kids get to stay, 2002 loophole, US immigration law.  The parents think that once the kids get over the border that they're home free, and then maybe US officials will find the real parents and get them here as well. 

This poll that came out, the Quinnipiac poll, a day or two ago, that revealed that Obama is the worst -- in the public opinion poll -- worst president in the modern era.  You would not believe the Drive-By and TV cable news network efforts to spin that.  If I have time today I'll share it with you.  You don't really need to hear it.  It's obvious they're spinning the poll. "Well, of course, it's just the modern era and it's of course because of current events. Everybody thinks what's going on in their life at the current time is worse than it's ever been before."  Everything they can do. 

It's the same thing with this.  Everything they can do to report the Regime line on this.  It's just stunning.  We had a guy on the phone yesterday -- we didn't get to him, and I wish I had found a way to squeeze him in.  He was somewhere I think in the upper Midwest, and his point was going to be that nobody in the media, nobody in Washington, nobody in the New York-Washington corridor has the foggiest idea how up in arms people all over this country are about this.  Not just this latest flood with the unaccompanied children, but the whole thing. 

He says that the ruling class -- well, I don't know if he was gonna call 'em that, but he meant Washington leadership, they're clueless.  They have no idea.  Not that they care, either, but they really do not know how fit to be tied people are. Even if they see a thousand people showing up at the Murrieta, California, town hall.  And even despite that, more buses are due in there tomorrow with more unaccompanied children. I'll tell you, if anybody doubts this, that these illegal aliens, the kids, are inventing families, shows that the word about the family loophole has spread and that that's why they're here. 

Gotta take a quick break.


RUSH:  Squeeze number two in there.  As I mentioned, there were a thousand people last night at a town hall and the mayor chaired the thing, talking about illegal aliens and immigrants being brought into their town. And during the Q&A, this was heard from one of the guys in the crowd.

MAN:  Do you have a handle, a real handle of what this is costing us out of our pockets?  And, please, use the word "illegal" aliens.  They came across here illegally.

CROWD:  (cheers and applause)

RUSH:  The cheering went on and on.  We just edited it there for time constraints.  Even the people Murrieta ask, "What is this migrants business?"  So here was the mayor's answer to the question of what it is costing.

LONG:  I do not have the exact cost of today.  What we did establish on the first night that we started the planning process is we did identify the need for a funding code, so we can track every single hour that is spent on this.  Now, at the end of this, do I have a plan to send Washington, DC, a big, fat, bill?  You bet.  Do I have any faith...?

AUDIENCE: (cheers and applause) 

LONG: Do I have -- do I have any faith that it would be paid?  No.

RUSH: (chuckling) Ha!  This is just not the kind of stuff, folks, that you associate with the United States of America.  But it's happening.  It's happening right in the middle of our lives at this very moment in time.  


RUSH: Open Line Friday on Thursday. We always try to get a call in the first hour.  This is Josh in Celina, Ohio, great to have you on, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello, Rush.  Thanks for taking my call.  I'm very, very appreciative. 

RUSH:  You bet.  You bet.

CALLER:  We really appreciate you.  Real quick before I get to my two points. I remember back in 2008 you saying that the election of Barack Obama was not going to help with the race issue, and I was one saying, "You know, I think maybe it might a little bit."  Well (chuckles), you were right, as usual.  It was obviously not.  I've got two things.  Number one, you had talked about the kids coming over the border.  I had heard over the news -- I think just this morning -- Border Patrol agents... It was some congressman, I think, saying it. Border Patrol agents are actually changing diapers of kids.

RUSH:  Yeah, they are, and they're not allowing members of Congress to come in and visit these kids in these refugee centers, either. You're right. The Border Patrol are changing diapers.

CALLER:  My question, though, is: Is our government just going in and plucking these kids away from their families in these other countries, or are the families willingly giving these small children...? I mean, if they're in diapers they're small. They're not even teenagers.  Are they going into their homes and saying, "Give us your kids?"  I mean, how has that happened?

RUSH:  Well, it's a question that a number of us have been asking.  Why would parents in these Central American countries do this?  The answer is, it's how the parents can also end up here.  It takes some time, but they all want a better life for their kids.  Parents have that in common. 

The United States is a better place, no matter what, than where they live now.  Get 'em out, get 'em here, and then maybe the parents can come in, too.  Of course the word's gone out to the parents that if the kids get here, they're allowed to stay.  They know the loophole.  All of this is not accidental or coincidental.


RUSH: Folks, I still got beaucoup points to make about this immigration business that's going on.  For example, just to give you a tease, "White House:  No Change to Immigrant Surge Strategy 'At This Point.'"  That came out late yesterday afternoon.  What is Obama's strategy when it comes to this?  Anybody know what his strategy is?  No change in it.  What is it?  It's do nothing, same thing as in Iraq, same thing as in Syria.  Do nothing.  So there's no change in it.  


RUSH: Somewhere in Minnesota, Ruth, I've got about a minute and a half max, I wanted to get to you.  Hi.

CALLER:  Hi.  Thank you very much.

RUSH:  You bet.

CALLER:  We have our president today demanding that we continue his policy of child trafficking across our Southern border.

RUSH:  Yeah? 

CALLER:  I believe it is time to arrest the attorney general, the vice president, the president, members of the cabinet, how many czars. What kind of Homeland Security do we have?

RUSH:  (laughing)  I'm laughing.  (laughing)  I thought for a minute you were gonna say you want them to do something about it.  (laughing)

CALLER:  (laughing)  Well, since people are not even allowed to talk to these children or see what's going on, this is just like any other child trafficking around the world, and it's against all of our laws.

RUSH:  Right.  When did that matter?  I'm serious.  John Boehner, God bless him, had a great answer when he was asked by the Drive-Bys, very snarky question, "Why don't you do an immigration bill?  Why don't you do one?"  "Because we have no faith that whatever we come up with the president will obey."



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