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Study Says Plants Can HEAR Being Eaten


RUSH: Steve in Port Huron, Michigan.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Mega golf dittos from Michigan, Rush.  How are you?

RUSH:  I'm great.  Thanks for the call.  Great to have you with us.

CALLER:  Hey, I wanted to talk about or get your opinion on this War on Women thing that they've got going on.  I think it's way more than that.  I really think if you tie in abortion on demand, the condoms and birth control medication, you tie that in with the health care, controlling health care, death panels, and you tie all this in with global warming and a poor economy, I think it's more of a war on humanity. I think they see the biggest problem in this world is people.  If they can minimize the number of people on this planet or eliminate people --

RUSH:  Well --

CALLER:  -- on this planet eventually --

RUSH:  Let me caution those of you in the listening audience not to reject this out of hand.  This sounds like it could be a little kooky, but I can give you examples that I've collected over the course of this program. Environmentalist wackos who have indeed made the claim right up front that the biggest threat the planet faces is human beings. That somehow we are not part of nature, not like a rat is or a wildebeest or a flower or a bush or a garden snake, take your pick, those are all accredited, wonderful members of nature.  But we do nothing but plunder it and destroy it.  And that is an attitude that is the undergirding of the global warming movement. 

We are destroying the planet.  There's no way a polar bear could, and there's no way a lion could, but we human beings, because we're selfish and greedy and we're destroyers and we're killers and mass murderers when it comes to plants and animals.  In fact, I wasn't gonna mention this, I was gonna save this for next week.  I was just checking one of my tech blogs during the break.  Get this.  There's actually -- and they're dead serious.  The story about how a plant can hear itself being eaten.  I'm dead serious, folks. 

Some wacko scientist claims that certain plants maybe know and feel when a caterpillar is eating them, and furthermore you can see the defensive mechanism plants use to ward off the attack.  I don't have time to read it.  I mean, that's just the first paragraph.  And you know what the headline was, Snerdley?  (laughing) "Nice Try, Vegans: Plants Can Actually Hear Themselves Being Eaten." I'm embarrassed to even -- I don't want to give you the source.  It's Gizmodo if you want to go find it, just to prove that I'm not making this up.  


RUSH:  Snerdley, the, "Take this, vegans" source story is actually TIME magazine.  TIME magazine:  "Study: Plants Can 'Hear' Their Attackers' Approach."  It was an experiment conducted at no less than the University of Missouri, my home state.  And they claim... (interruption)  No, they can't get out of the way. They can't stop it. They hear when they're about to be eaten.  So if a plant can hear its own destruction, that puts it one up on low-information voters, who have no idea what's happening to them. 

But they're serious about this, folks!  TIME magazine, these tech blogs are picking it up, and of course it's gospel.  And you wait.  It isn't gonna be long, you're gonna run into somebody who's gonna say, "Can you believe the broccoli can feel when we eat it?"  I  guarantee you, the low-information crowd is gonna eat it up. Well, they're gonna believe it.  



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