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Why Not Send These Kids Back Like Elian?


RUSH: This is Jonathan in Lawrence, New York. You're next on Open Line Friday on Thursday. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for having me on the show. I wanted to talk about the immigration crisis going on with all the kids running across the border and how the Democrats and the establishment, the whole amnesty crowd, are saying how everyone trying to stop these kids, they're so cruel, evil, whatever. It made me think of the Democrats and Elian Gonzalez.

RUSH: Yeah, and you're finding some hypocrisy there. Elian Gonzalez -- happily ensconced in a genuine relative's home in south Florida in Miami -- was taken by armed US agents under the orders of Janet El Reño and flown back to a communist country to be with his oppressed worker father, Juan Gonzalez. So Elian was reunited with Juan Gonzalez. There was no way little Elian was going to be able to stay here.

They had to send him back, because families had to be together. Families had to be reunited. Now, Juan Gonzalez was a political case. It was a way for Clinton and Janet Reño to make their bones with their base, as it were, and that's exactly what Obama's doing with immigration the other way. Do you know, folks, that some of these unaccompanied children from El Salvador or Ecuador and Guatemala are being flown here?

And do you know that at the point they're being picked up and flown here, the trip to the United States is longer than the trip to take them back home, and yet they're still coming here? And Obama says he's not gonna change his strategy. This immigrant surge will not produce any change or even a reassessment. "The White House is not planning to reassess its strategy for handling thousands of unaccompanied minors streaming across the border amid mass protests."

In fact, "White House press secretary Josh Earnest said he had not spoken to President Obama about protests in California..." It's not even big enough for the press secretary to ask the president what to say about it if he's asked. You've got massive protests in Southern California, and they're gonna be popping up in Texas and Arizona and other places, and the president's press secretary says, "Eh, I haven't even asked him about it.

"We don't care." He didn't say, "We don't care," but that's the impression they're leaving. Josh "Earnest said there was no expectation of changing strategies to deal with the flood of minors 'at this point. At this point, what we're focused on is making sure that we can ramp up the resources that are necessary to meet this growing need.'" The White House press secretary says this.

"No, we're not focused on anything other than making sure we can come up with "the resources necessary to meet this growing need." Whose need? What is the need? We have a need for illegal immigrant children? That's an incredible thing to say. "The only thing we [at the Regime] are concerned with is ramping up the resources necessary to meet this growing need."

You know, Obama, ladies and gentlemen, said that he wants to address the issues in the Southern border, and he said, by the way... Let's be honest, 'cause I imagine some of you have been shouting at me on the radio, or at the radio. Obama has said that the refugees can't stay. Let's be honest and admit that: Yeah, he has said that. He also said, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

He also said, "If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan." He said a whole lot of things that he didn't mean. So he's not being honest with us about what he knows about the flood of illegals, and he's not being honest with us about his intentions going forward. Now, the press secretary is. The press secretary says, "Oh, yeah, the biggest concern we have here is ramping up resources necessary to meet the growing need."

And the "need" is, if you're a liberal (impression), "These are poor, suffering, stranded, abandoned, starving, thirsty children! That's the need, Mr. Limbaugh, and that's what we must ramp up resources for," and that's the way they look at it. "It just happened! Hey, a bunch of kids want to come to America? What's wrong with that, and who can blame them for that? So there's a pressing need now to provide for them humanitarian and human rights. Yes siree bob. So we've gotta ramp up the resources necessary to do that."

Refugee camps popping up on their own? How does that happen?

See, if President Obama was a sincere problem solver he would open these centers where we're told these kids are suffering. They will not let anyone in. There's a US Congressman who tried to get in. They will not let him. They will not let a congressman in, the Border Patrol and ICE. They will not let a congressman in at one of these refugee camps. They will not let the media in to see what's going on in there.

They will not let the kids be chatted to or talked to.

Nobody's allowed to see what's going on in one of these refugee camps. Now, if the president was a sincere problem solver, he would open these refugee camps, these centers, whatever, of human suffering to the media. If there's human suffering going on out there, we need to see it so that we can do something about it. He would demand that Congress send members to these camps to rally support for quick action!

To somebody with common sense, it looks like a well-orchestrated bulrush on the border, using children as fodder. What supporter's sympathy is going to be for sending kids back?



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