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Pearls of Wisdom

"Since we were just talking about the 70th anniversary of D-Day, 300,000 is twice as many illegal aliens entering this country since April as there were Allied soldiers landing at Normandy on D-Day."

"Mr. Snerdley and I, and I assume a lot of you folks, too, we're from the old school where you provide for yourself. We were raised that whatever you want or need, you go out and get a job and earn enough to buy it. If you can't afford it, then you put it off until you can."

"Obama has increased government dependents by 11 million people, which just happens to be the number of illegal aliens that we are told are living in the country."

"I was raised to believe that whatever I wanted and whatever I needed, I was gonna have to provide. And I did that by getting a job. And if there were something I wanted but couldn't afford, I waited until I could."

"Ladies and gentlemen, part-time work has been the goal of socialists for years. We've got 95 to a hundred million Americans not working, right? Well, that's even an embarrassment to the socialists."

"There's a fake period in the original parchment of the Declaration of Independence, according to this feminist scholar writing about it in the New York Times. She says the original purpose of the Declaration was, in fact, to establish a huge big government to guarantee and provide those rights: life, liberty, pursuit of happiness."

"Everybody does know that the Founders of this country were rejecting an oppressive government, and were establishing a government 'of, by, and for the people' with the consent of the governed. They were limiting the role of government. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, are all about limiting the role of government."

"Socialism is not about creating jobs, folks. It never has been. Socialism is about government providing for people."

"Call it my prescience, back in January of 2009. Remember when I said, 'I hope he fails ,' and it caused a firestorm? Well, I knew then, is the point, where we were headed, because I know what liberalism is, and I know who Obama is."

"Sheila Jackson Lee took some lollipops to the illegal alien children. She can get into these centers where they are. Republicans are not allowed, nor is the media. But she took some lollipops. Lucky she didn't end up on Mars."

"I was in Afghanistan. I did a troop visit in conjunction with a State Department trip, USAID (Agency for International Development) and we were scheduled to go to Bagram Air Force Base, and a Rush to Excellence-type appearance that I was gonna do there, and we had a mechanical on the C-130. No, we didn't come under "snipper" fire. We did not have to corkscrew down like Mrs. Clinton did when she landed in Bosnia. She came under "snipper" fire. In fact, it is said that that incident where she came under "snipper" fire may have contributed to the concussion problem."

"One of the first things that happens is that the Republicans get together and start trying to chip away at Obamacare and some of these other things, and guess who's gonna be on TV within 10 seconds? Barack Obama!"

"Work can't be everything, but it makes many things possible. It makes children possible. It makes a home possible. It makes marriage or a relationship possible."


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