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Sheila Jackson Lee Delivers Lollipops to Illegal Kids

RUSH:  Sheila Jackson Lee took some lollipops to the illegal alien children.  She can get into these centers where they are.  Republicans are not allowed, nor is the media.  But she took some lollipops.  Lucky she didn't end up on Mars.

New iOS Beta Removes My Favorite Feature!

RUSH:  Ah, folks, I'm so depressed. In addition to everything else to happen today, Apple released the third beta of the new operating system -- well, for both the computer and the iDevices, iOS 8 Beta 3 -- and they took out my favorite feature.  It's gone.  I don't know if it's not gonna come back or if it will come back.

But it's gone unless they've hidden it somehow. I'll try to find a switch -- which, of course, I haven't had time to inspect for because I've been doing the program.  All I know is my favorite feature is gone.  Ah, gee!  See?  These are the challenges we're presented that we have to overcome, folks.  Life goes on.  

Feminist Professor Gives Extra Credit for Not Shaving Armpits

RUSH:  At Arizona State University, a feminist professor offers 10 weeks of course credit for women who do not shave their underarms and their legs to show what a patriarchal society we have.  I'll have more details on this tomorrow.  


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