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Chelsea Clinton Gets $75,000 Per Speech, Still Can't Bring Herself to Care About Money... Steny Hoyer Wants the Kids Sent Back Pronto... San Francisco Giants Consider Ban on Culturally Insensitive Fan Attire...White Sox Poncho Night Looks Like Klan Rally...

Does Anybody Care? With Country in Chaos, Obama Shoots Pool, But Turns Down Doobie

RUSH: We got a border crisis and he's out there playing pool.  Somebody offered him a hit, a doobie.  He had to be tempted.  You know he had to be tempted.  'Cause he's out there, the last thing this guy can afford to look like is the president right now.  He's got to look like anything other than the president in order to stay in tight with the low-information pop culture crowd. 

Where is the Telethon for the Children?

RUSH: Where is the Hollywood telethon for the suffering children crossing the border?  We do "We Are the World" for the starving in Ethiopia.  Where is the telethon? Where is the massive leftist outpouring of compassion and fundraising for these hungry, thirsty, ill, sick, victimized-through-no-fault-of-their-own children? This is made to order for some rock group like Bono, U2, Sting, Bon Jovi, take your pick.  Angelina Jolie...

Beltway Insiders Bewildered Over What We Knew About Obama in 2008

RUSH: I am hearing, ladies and gentlemen, that inside the Beltway, behind closed doors, people like Gergen and the media are just shocked and dismayed at how incompetent Obama is, but they're so invested in the guy they cannot express it.  They don't dare because they'd be cutting themselves off at the same time... They are the ones who believed in this whole messianic aspect.  They're the ones who believed that we got something magic finally in the White House that was gonna cure all of the evils and ills that Bush wrought. 

Dems Don't Want You to See the Refugee Camps or Know Where the Kids are Sent

RUSH:  See, normally when it's "for the children," they want you to know everything in the world they are doing so that they can benefit from the display of compassion. But in this, they're hiding.  They're trying to keep everything that is happening with these children from public knowledge.  The media's not allowed to talk to 'em. Members of Congress are not allowed to talk to 'em. No pictures, no nothing.  So it's obviously something very clandestine going on there.

Whoa! The Maverick is Ticked Off

RUSH: "The Maverick."  Remember when he used to be called that?  The Maverick really ticked off. (imitating McCain) "I want it fixed, and I want it fixed now, understand?  If a member of Congress can't visit a facility in his own state, the people of Arizona elected me! 


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