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Commander of US Southern Command Says Border Crisis is "Existential Threat"


RUSH:  Interesting story.  I have not seen this anywhere else.  Maybe you have.  I admittedly have not spent a lot of time watching cable news lately. 

"The general in charge of US Southern Command says America's porous southern border poses as much a threat as any foreign power, with gangs and terrorist groups hiding among the tidal wave of illegals." If Marine Corps Gen. John Kelly, commander of the US Southern Command, keeps warning about the crisis at our southern border, if this guy keeps it up, how long will he last?  Do you realize what he's saying here? 

He said, "In comparison to other global threats, the near collapse of societies in the hemisphere with the associated drug and (undocumented immigrant) flow are frequently viewed to be of low importance.  Many argue these threats are not existential and do not challenge our national security. I disagree."

Now, the US Southern Command is responsible for the Caribbean and all lands south of Mexico. And he has sounded the alarm that this isn't just a humanitarian crisis of unaccompanied children.  Look, all of this is true.  I'm not incredulous that I didn't think of this.  I'm not incredulous, "Oh, wow, I hadn't thought of this."  Of course this is true.  I'm incredulous that somebody is saying it high up in the US military command.  The commander of the US Southern Command is not insignificant. 

"'Clearly, criminal networks can move just about anything on these smuggling pipelines,' he testified in February to the House Armed Services Committee. 'Terrorist organizations could seek to leverage those same smuggling routes to move operatives with intent to cause grave harm to our citizens or even quite easily bring weapons of mass destruction into the United States.'"

Let me ask you this, folks, and I don't mean to sound coarse.  Can't avoid this, though.  Could a weapon of mass destruction also be some children carrying highly communicable diseases?  Could that be a WMD?  I don't know how long this guy's gonna last.  This is not something that the Regime wants stated, that massive gang and terror networks could easily be slipping into the country in the midst of this so-called humanitarian crisis. 

Now, you attach that reality to everything we've learned so far about how these kids are being processed and dispersed. They're being processed with very little time and attention. They're not being medically screened anywhere near properly or thoroughly. They are being sent to all corners of this country.  We do not know if the people who are accepting them as sponsors are even citizens.  Do we know if there's even a paper trail per immigrant?  If there's not, then there's some serious malfeasance going on here. 

If there's not a paper trail, if we don't have a record, if we're not getting some form of identity, identification for every one of these people that we're processing in these detention camps and then dispersing all over this country, if we're not keeping track of who they are and where they were sent and to whom they were sent, then we are just inviting chaos. We're inviting a big mess.  And that is the point General Kelly is making.  Marine Corps General, commander of the US Southern Command. 

Again, he calls this border crisis an existential threat, because we could be welcoming across our borders with no stoppage whatsoever, with no investigation whatsoever, terrorists, criminal gangs, and all that entails.  And we're doing it on the basis of humanity. We're doing it on the basis that, well, these are starving children and they're coming from oppressed worlds and they just want a better life and we must do it.  And we're not allowing photos. We're not allowing cameras. We're not allowing visits to these detention camps except by Sheila Jackson Lee and Nancy Pelosi.  No Republican member of Congress is being permitted into a detention camp.  There are no photos of the arrivals, children or otherwise.  And there likely is not a paper trail.  It's not good, folks.  



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