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Chelsea Clinton Gets $75,000 Per Speech, Still Can't Bring Herself to Care About Money

RUSH: Chelsea Clinton, I just learned, is being paid $75,000 per speech.  This is not gonna help Hillary's effort and her attempt to portray the family as broke and destitute.


RUSH:  I thought Chelsea Clinton said she really tried to care about money, but she just couldn't.  Remember that?  Chelsea Clinton gets paid up to $75,000 for speeches.  It's in the New York Daily News.  


RUSH:  So I checked the e-mail during the top-of-the-hour break and there's a note.  "Mr. Limbaugh, once again you are being disingenuous.  You're attacking the Clinton child and you are not telling the full story, and you know the full story.  You are misleading people again.  Why do you continue to do this, signed," whatever. 

I'm not misleading anybody.  I'm simply recalling Hillary Clinton describing how they were broke and destitute, couldn't get a mortgage, I mean, they had zilch, zero, nada when they left the White House. It was very bad. It was embarrassing. They couldn't hang around with their friends and so forth 'cause there was no reason for friends to give 'em money anymore, and it was very bad. And then that didn't go well, so Hillary tried to massage it, it got worse.

They trotted Chelsea out and story that Chelsea tried to care about money, but, you know, (imitating Chelsea) "I just don't care about money."  Okay, fine.  Then the New York Daily News has a story that Chelsea is doing speeches for $75,000.  And the e-mailer said, "You didn't tell everybody that she's doing the speeches for the Clinton Foundation."  Right.  Okay, here you go. 

Chelsea's speaking gigs are on behalf of the Clinton Foundation, and it is reported that 100% of the fees that she is paid by the Clinton Foundation go right back to the foundation.  So she's given 75 grand by the Clinton Foundation to make a speech and then she I guess cuts a check for -- and donates it?  (interruption)  This opens up all kinds of questions here.  But the bottom line is she works there, so it is beneficial to her. 

That's what the New York Daily News doesn't point out.  She works for, she is paid by the foundation.  So, anyway, that's not a big deal in terms of the main point of the story is, which is hypocrisy, and I know it's not a big deal to a lot of people.  The Democrats often are not held accountable when it's been proven, or shown, how hypocritical they are.  But I still wanted to make the point.  

Steny Hoyer Wants the Kids Sent Back Pronto

RUSH: There's some amazing things that continue to happen regarding the mass arrival of young children on the Southern border.  And again, I've got a whole Stack of it here and some supporting sound bites.  The unaccompanied children from Central America crossing the US-Mexico border illegally should be deported except in extreme circumstances, according to Steny Hoyer. 

Steny Hoyer, big Democrat, he's the minority whip in the House of Representatives.  He's right under Nancy Pelosi.  Well, on the power structure.  He said, "We have an immediate humanitarian crisis that confronts this country.  We also have a crisis in terms of this country cannot continue to absorb, nor should it, a limitless number of people, particularly children, who want to cross our border." 

Wow.  Who knew that Steny Hoyer was a hater?  Who knew that Steny Hoyer was a xenophobic bigot?  Will this cost the Democrat Party the Hispanic vote?  Do you realize the sacrilege he just uttered here?  Holy cow, you have a Democrat saying we have a humanitarian crisis, we cannot continue to absorb, nor should we, a limitless number of people, particularly children, who want to cross our border? 

Now, I think these comments might have something to do with the fact that Mr. Hoyer is up for reelection, as is every House member this November.  But has he forgotten that he is one of the big supporters pushing for amnesty?  Anyway, I just think this is phony. But you know what this quote from Hoyer shows?  It shows just how precarious the Democrats think they are vis-a-vis this issue. 

This one little quote from Steny Hoyer is all you need to know that this issue is not translating well for Democrat electoral prospects, because if it were, Steny Hoyer would have said something just the opposite.  He would have been chastising everybody who opposed these people being admitted to the country.  He'd be ripping into them as bigots. He'd be ripping into them as haters, and he'd be talking about how we are the United States and these are just children seeking a better life. They're escaping bondage and tyranny and economic disaster and so forth and we must open our hearts.  But he's not saying that.  He's saying the exact opposite, and he's got an election coming up.  I find it fascinating, folks.  

San Francisco Giants Consider Ban on Culturally Insensitive Fan Attire

RUSH: USA Today has the story: "San Francisco Giants Considering Ban on Culturally Insensitive Attire -- The San Francisco Giants are considering a policy that could prohibit fans from wearing items such as fake headdresses in what American Indian activist Suzan Shown Harjo believes would be a first for a major-league sports franchise.

"The proposed policy, which is still in the working stages, could potentially say that fans who wear culturally insensitive attire to games or use culturally insensitive language could be asked to stop by Giants security or potentially be asked to leave the stadium. Staci Slaughter, Giants senior vice president, communications, and senior advisor to the CEO, said the Giants have policies about obscene language and offensive signs. 'We are considering expanding the policy to be more explicit about culturally insensitive signs and articles of clothing,' she told USA TODAY Sports. 'I don’t want to overstate where we are,' she added. 'We haven’t finalized the language. We are still in the process of revising it.'

"The proposed policy comes after an incident at a Giants game last month when two Native Americans approached a group of men who were passing around a fake headdress to tell them it was disrespectful. One of the Native Americans asked for the headdress and then declined to return it. Security was called and the Native Americans were detained but not arrested. The incident occurred on Native American Heritage Night."

You know, I used to be in charge of such things at the Royals.  The favorite was halter top day.  It was always sunny Sunday afternoon games, halter top day. We'd pass out the halter tops that said "Royals" across them. The women would arrive and go into the restrooms and put the things on.  They were by design skimpy, didn't matter to us.  Nobody ever complained.  One of the biggest days of the season.  Well, halter top day, I must confess preceded my arrival.  It preceded my arrival there.  But we always scheduled halter top day against one of the least attractive visiting teams.  And it always worked.  I was in charge of such things.

I never did Native American Heritage Night.  Apparently the Giants did and a couple guys showed up with headdresses thinking they were celebrating Native American heritage and some Native Americans got offended and some problems occurred.  So the Giants now are gonna start banning things like that.  That's the upshot.  

White Sox Poncho Night Looks Like Klan Rally

RUSH: I don't know if you've seen pictures of this.  This is absolutely hilarious.  The Chicago White Sox -- does that name offend anybody, by the way?  The White Sox.  Anyway, they had poncho night where the first so many thousands of fans, maybe every fan arriving under a certain age -- maybe every fan, may not have been an age restriction -- was given a white poncho.  The white poncho had a hood. 

Well, it started raining and everybody put on the free white ponchos, and when they did, the entire stadium, "Cominskey" Park, as Obama used to call it, looked like a Klan rally.  (laughing) There are pictures -- (laughing) -- because the hoodies are pointed, they're not round hoodies. The white ponchos looked like white robes and pointy hats, and it looks like a Klan rally.  The game went on during the rain.  You couldn't have scripted it, folks, you just could not have made it happen.


RUSH:  For those of you who are watching today's program on the Dittocam, here is poncho night at "Cominskey" Park in Chicago.  There it is.  Imagine the stands. There are a couple other pictures that are a wider shot. Imagine the stands full of that.  It looks like a Ku Klux Klan rally at "Cominskey" Park.  I know it's not called that at.  It's what Obama called it back when it was.  


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