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George W. Bush Didn't Cause Katrina, But Barack Obama Caused This Border Crisis


RUSH: Have you noticed, President Obama is out whining and moaning about the Republicans and their lack of action on immigration or any number of things?  And the thing that puzzles me about that is, didn't Obama say recently, hasn't Obama said many times that he's got a phone and he's got a pen.  And hasn't he said that if they don't do anything, I'm gonna do it?  If they don't do anything, you know, I'm not gonna sit around here and do nothing.  I'm not gonna sit around here and not get anything done. If they don't do anything I'm just gonna do it.  But now all of a sudden the president is not doing anything about the border because he says the Republicans are tying his hands. 

Now, I don't expect the low-information voters to get the contradictory irony in that, but this is an example of how he gets it both ways.  He runs around and pleases his base by saying, "Well, if these deadbeats aren't gonna do anything, I'm gonna do it myself.  I'm not gonna sit around here and do nothing."  And then within a matter of hours or days, "Well, I can't do anything 'cause those Republicans won't help me, they won't do anything, Republicans, just sitting there, I can't do anything without them." 

Let me give you an example.  Last night in Dallas, after the president had his yuk session with Rick Perry -- have you seen the photo-ops from that, by the way?  I saw I think it was two pictures, might have been the same picture published twice.  It's Rick Perry at the far end on the left of a long conference table. He's sitting by himself, there's a vacant seat, and then in the same row there's some people, I guess from his offices, administration.  On the other side, every seat is filled, Obama's in the middle of the table, Perry's down at the far end on the left on his side, and Perry is sitting there looking -- I mean, he's just got a blank look on his face.  It's not blank.  He's either really frustrated, really angry, or something like that.

Obama is just having the best old time. He's laughing and yukking it up, and it is a photo for the ages because people sit around and analyze it 'cause nobody knows what was going on at the moment the photo was taken.  You know, somebody cracked a joke, Obama cracked one of his own jokes, laughing at it and Perry thinks, you know, this is nothing funny.  I'm not laughing.  Who knows.  Nobody knows.  But it looks like Perry is dead serious and is very focused and Obama, he's just having the best old time. Nothing serious going on and nothing serious being discussed. Nah, there's nothing to see here, nothing going on.  Obama is just sitting there having a grand old time while Rick Perry looks dead serious and half ticked off. 

Well, anyway, after that meeting, Obama spoke about the immigration crisis.  And a reporter asked him, "Does the governor give any indication that he would ask the Texas delegation to get behind the supplemental --" okay, this is inside-the-Beltway talk.  "Is there any way that Governor Perry would try to get the Texas delegation to go along with giving you the money you say you need, Mr. President?"  And then the reporter says, "It sounds like you're concerned that the supplemental will fall victim to partisan politics."

OBAMA:  These days in Washington everybody's always concerned about everything falling victim to partisan politics.  You know, if I sponsored a bill declaring apple pie American, it might fall victim to partisan politics.  I get that.  As I indicated to Governor Perry, you know, he suggested, well, maybe you just need to go ahead and act and that might convince Republicans that they should go ahead and pass the supplemental.  And I had to remind him I'm getting sued right now by Mr. Boehner, apparently, for going ahead and acting instead of going through Congress.

RUSH:  So?  So?  You said bring it on!  So, what does it matter you're being sued?  You're running around the country whining and moaning and crying. "I'm being sued," and then you said "bring it on" after you said that they're trying to sue you.  He's making a reference to impeachment, by the way, with this "sue" business.  And there's not gonna be any official impeachment, I don't think.  But that's for another time.  The point is Obama's running around when he says "Yeah, the Republicans, they're threatening to sue me," he's talking about impeachment for exceeding his constitutional authority.  And Obama said, "Bring it on," and he's out there, he's been telling everybody (paraphrasing) "If they're not gonna do anything, I'm gonna do it myself. I'm not gonna sit around here and do nothing while they do nothing.  I'm gonna get things done.  I don't care." 

But now all of a sudden the threat of impeachment or lawsuit and Obama's hands are tied?  "There's nothing I can do about it."  If you needed any proof that what's going on at the border is intentional and desired, it's right there in that answer. (paraphrasing) "There's just nothing I can do. The Republicans are threatening to sue me if I do anything."  He's not afraid of the Republicans suing.  He would love it if they sued him.  The Democrats are trying to egg the Republicans on into impeaching Obama.  They think that would bring their base out in droves in November.  And this is what I mean about saying things on both sides of an issue and trying to get away with both sides.  Here's Perry.  This is on CBS This Morning, Major Garrett.  "You think Americans need to see the president at the border?"

PERRY:  That's what presidents do. That's what leaders do.  They show up, and they see for themselves what's going on, so I think it's very important for him.  As I recall, you know, President Bush got chastised greatly for not showing up in New Orleans when Katrina occurred.

GARRETT:  Do you believe this is on the magnitude of that?

PERRY:  The parallel for me is that when we know a hurricane coming, we put things into place so that we can deal with it.  I have told this administration and others have told this administration for years that this was exactly what was gonna happen.

RUSH:  You know, I gotta say something.  This Katrina comparison has got to stop.  And I'll tell you where the Katrina comparison falls apart.  George Bush did not cause that hurricane.  Barack Obama responsible for this.  That's point number one.  This is a humanitarian crisis that has not been caused by an act of God such as Hurricane Katrina.  So, I mean, to compare the two things is ridiculous.  You talk about photo-ops and trying to seek political advantage, making this into a Katrina, why do that?  The only reason to do that is to once again hearken back to how ineffective they think Bush was.  Because that is the primary, I think maybe the only thing this administration still has going for it. 

They've got polling data, I shared it with you on this program before, very frustrating, people still blame Bush for a lot of stuff.  The Regime knows this.  So you bring up Katrina all the time, reminds people of Bush, "Oh, yeah, that was really bad."  And in comparison Obama looks pretty good, or at least he doesn't look nearly as bad as Bush did.  But there's no comparison.  Bush didn't cause the hurricane.  It was an act of God.  It was a natural disaster.  This could have been prevented simply by enforcing the law. 

Here's another thing.  I'll tell you how we get our hands tied.  I mean, we could tie our hands on doing anything right with this kind of philosophy and thinking.  "But, Rush, but, Rush, it's children.  We can't send 'em back.  I mean, they're come here and they're seeking --"  Well, what are we supposed to do?  Are we supposed to just sit here and preside over the abolition off our border in order to be nice and show compassion?  Are we to sit here and allow the unraveling of our culture and our society just so people don't think we're mean?  What happened to standing up for our values and our system and preserving our border? 

You know, I was gonna joke, and people would obviously take it the wrong way, but I think the only thing that really upsets Obama is that there still is a border.  I'm joking, but I mean it's just the way to make a point.  But the idea we're being flooded with people breaking our law and because they're children we can't send them back, oh, no, we can't.  Why?  "Well, it's just not humane, Rush. We can't send 'em back."  Okay.  So are we to just sit idly by while every institution, tradition and value is assaulted, eviscerated, simply so that we don't hurt people or make people upset or what have you? 

At what point do we stand up for ourselves?  At what point do we decide that what we are and what we've built is worth preserving for people to come here legally?  We get our hands tied.  We paralyze ourselves into doing what's right for ourselves and for everybody else, by the way, at the same time, with these distractions.  There is more harm that can come to this country by pretending we don't have a border than can come to this country by enforcing it and the law. 

But it's the other way around.  There are people who think we diminish ourselves by enforcing our laws.  We diminish ourselves by enforcing our border.  We're bigger than that.  We're bigger.  We can establish a law, of course, but when something like this happens, we should pretend our law doesn't exist.  We are better than our laws.  And that's cockamamie.  Immigration, getting into this country, ought to have some value.  There is a process by which people achieve that has value, that is in itself an accomplishment. 

We're devaluing everything that we stand for.  And not just with this border influx, but it's been happening for a long time and in many of the institutions that have defined this country's uniqueness, exceptionalismism, greatness, and difference from other places in the world.  There's an all-out assault and there has been for a long time on all of those institutions.  Now there's an all-out assault on the border, Southern border.  And we tie our hands.  We can't send 'em back, no, no, no.  We do more damage to them, we do more damage to ourselves by having all of these things that we built, defend and stand for eviscerated, evaporated, and done away with.  


RUSH:  I just ran across a story, ladies and gentlemen, from today.  It's by Susan Crabtree.  And I don't think she's any relation to Michael Crabtree of the San Francisco 49ers who is hated by Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks.  I don't think it's any relation.  Crabtree is not that common a name, but I still don't think they're related. 

"How a Campaign Move on Immigration is Haunting Obama Now." She writes, "The border crisis is forcing President Obama to pay the price for a re-election move he made two years ago. At the time, Obama was hoping to energize Latino voters who were disappointed that he had raised deportations to record levels in an attempt to build credibility with Republican lawmakers for an eventual deal on immigration reform."

Do you remember that?  Well, there were a few months where deportations were up, and if you remember, during the 2012 campaign, Obama went on Univision or the other Spanish language TV network, and it was the only place he really got hit with tough questions.  And this was one of the reasons why.  They were calling him the deporter-in-chief because he had upped deportations for a few months, and it was all smoke and mirrors.  It was designed to show the Republicans they could trust him if they would join him on an amnesty bill. 

So Ms. Crabtree says, "So in June 2012, Obama announced a half-measure he would take on his own. Through an executive order, Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who came before the age of 16 to remain in the US."  And I remember that.  Maybe you do, too, when I mention this. I remember that like it was yesterday now. Out of the blue, just one day, with the stroke of his pen, hundreds, anybody, undocumented, who came before the age of 16 was just allowed to stay.  Republicans said nothing because they were afraid of angering the Hispanic vote for Romney. 

So Susan Crabtree says that, "As a campaign tactic, it was a hit, helping Obama win Latino voters by 71 percent, according to an analysis of exit polls by the Pew Hispanic Center. But the hidden cost was Obama’s credibility on the issue among many congressional Republicans. Although immigration reform passed the Senate with some GOP support, it has stalled in the House. Now a border crisis spurred by thousands of young migrants has brought the mistrust to a head."

So it's just another media person with a theory as to why and how this may be hurting Obama.  But again, it raises the question.  If it has, where are the Republicans trying to make hay on it?  In fact, it could well be, folks, everybody's trying to figure out how in the hell did this happen?  And by David "Rodham" Gergen's own estimate yesterday, 45 days it takes to get here once they decide to leave El Salvador, Guatemala, Ecuador, 45 days to get here, so it's not like they can sneak up on us.  And everybody's saying, "How did this happen?  Why now?"  Maybe this can be traced back to Obama in 2012 with the stroke of his pen granting every undocumented alien under 16 permanent status. 

You think that could be?  I mean, it makes a lot of sense to me.  (interruption)  Well, I know it goes deeper than that, but I'm asking for a simple explanation to the low-information voters.  And I'm looking for something the Republicans could use.  Everybody's trying to figure out, "How did this happen?  Why now all of a sudden?"  There's your answer:  Obama, executive order, 2012.  Anybody under 16 already here gets to stay.  Voila.  Who's coming?  Kids under 16.  


RUSH:  This is Patty in Acworth, Georgia.  Welcome to the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  It's a pleasure to speak with you today.

RUSH:  Thank you.  I'm glad you waited.  I appreciate your patience holding on.

CALLER:  No problem.  No problem.  Listen, there's something that I have not heard a lot about in the media with regard to Mexico's Southern border that borders these countries, these South American countries that these immigrants are coming from.  This has never happened with this many people from those countries being able to leave and go across the Mexican border and travel for 30 to 45 days to get over our border, without Mexico stopping them, turning them around, jailing them, telling them they can't come across their border.  Mexico is complicit in this.  They've been told or they've been asked to look the other way.

RUSH:  Well, that's true.  Look, we know that Mexico advertises to their own people how to access American welfare services after they cross the border into the country.  We know that Mexico does not try to stop its own citizens from emigrating to the United States.  Now, that being said, my guess is that the vast majority of these young kids never touch Mexican soil. They're always on the move. They're on the trains. They're in vans. They're in cars.  The Mexican government is not gonna stop 'em because they're not stopping themselves.  If they know that these kids don't intend to stop in Mexico, and you couple that with Mexico's own open borders philosophy regarding ours, it kind of makes total sense that they'd usher 'em through. 

I guarantee you, if Mexico's Southern border was being used as ours is, and people crossing it were going to stay in Mexico, then they would enforce it and they wouldn't permit it because they do not permit immigration the other way.  They are steadfast in opposing immigration to their country.  If you decide to move there, say from the United States, you can do it, but it requires jumping through a bunch of hoops, and I don't think you ever get to vote. You don't get to play a part in their political system. You have to pay their taxes and all that.  I mean, it's really, really restrictive.  But if you're just passing through, my guess is, and if you're on the way to the United States, you are actually furthering Mexican government policy, as cynical as that sounds.

CALLER:  I submit to you they've been asked to look the other way.  About month or six weeks ago, John Kerry had a prearranged meeting in Mexico.  He could not come to the Congress and testify on what was going on in Benghazi, and he said, "I can't come when you want me to come. I had a prearranged meeting in Mexico."

RUSH:  You could well be right.  Nothing would surprise me.  Even if you're wrong, you're totally sensible in suspecting it, because most reasonable people in this country simply do not believe this is coincidental.  And I hearken back to 2012, Obama and his DREAMers, anybody under 16 that are already here was allowed to stay.  That sends a message to other kids and their parents, and so I don't think you'd have too many people disagreeing with you, that our government is complicit.  Why would anybody doubt that?  The Democrat Party's made it clear they want as many people from Mexico and the Southern hemisphere in this country as possible.  They made it clear they want amnesty.  They're not interested in securing the border.  So I think it's a reasonable belief to have, Patty.  Thanks very much for the call.  Again, I appreciate your patience in holding.  



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