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"What's going on in Europe now counting what goes on in brothels and black market booze and cigarettes, the drug trade's gonna be next. They'll start counting that in the GDP. That's what Moynihan called 'defining deviancy down,' and it's how you end up promoting the things that destroy your culture."

"This Katrina comparison has got to stop. Bush didn't cause the hurricane. It was an act of God. It was a natural disaster. This [border situation] could have been prevented simply by enforcing the law."

"At what point do we stand up for ourselves? At what point do we decide that what we are and what we've built is worth preserving for people to come here legally?"

"There is more harm that can come to this country by pretending we don't have a border than can come to this country by enforcing it and the law."

"We've never had a greater opportunity in the last six years to contrast who we are with the extremes of liberalism. This is it. We don't have to tell people any longer what will happen if these people end up with unchecked power. Twenty-five years of this program, and I've been warning people what's gonna happen if liberals win here and win there, what we're gonna get. It's no longer a warning. We are living it."

"Why do I want to wear something on my wrist that tells me I'm out of shape? I already know this."

"Instinctively people know that Washington doesn't work."

"Joe Biden has been wrong on everything for 40 years. For the 40 years that he has been in Washington, on all of the big things that really, really matter, Joe Biden has been wrong on all of them."

"So Obama doesn't like photo-ops, eh? Well, what was that in New Jersey, after Hurricane Sandy, when he rolled in there and was able to get his arms halfway around Chris Christie?"

"The truth is Obama's approval numbers are falling, and they're falling pretty rapidly. I think the bloom has been off the Obama rose for quite a while, actually. You just don't see it reflected in media stories."

"Here you have this current young generation out of college, or soon to be, into their early thirties, and they see government as ineffective and inefficient -- and they admit it -- and yet they want more of it."

"Why should Obama even bother going to the border -- when you have a news agency that will actually lie and say that you have gone?"


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