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Tiny Town of Murrieta Forces Regime to Stop Refugee Flights to San Diego

RUSH: The people in Murrieta, California -- one tiny town -- have caused the Feds to back down and cancel illegal alien flights to San Diego.  "After more than a week of protests by local residents in Murrieta against transfers of illegal aliens caught in Texas to a local US Border Patrol facility, the federal government has called off future transfers to the area -- for now.

"Late [yesterday], local Fox affiliate KSWB reported that a fourth planeload of illegal aliens--many of them unaccompanied minors -- scheduled for Thursday had been canceled, and no future flights would be scheduled. The announcement will be seen as a victory by anti-illegal immigration activists, who kept a vigil near the US Border Patrol site after successfully blocking the first convoy of buses...  However, the government has canceled flights of illegal aliens before, only to place them back on the calendar at short notice."

So keep a sharp eye.

Europe to Count Brothels in GDP

RUSH: The New York Times has the story today, I'm just mentioning this, we'll get into a little bit more detail later, but I may not need to because the summary pretty much says it all.  Europe is in such dire economic straits that they have decided they are going to begin counting "sinful behavior" as part of their GDP.  Whorehouses, illicit booze, cigarettes, black market, red-light districts, all of the revenue generated in these... (interruption)  What?  Yes, whorehouses, brothels, it's an enterprise.  What's the difference if they call it a whorehouse or a brothel?  Doesn't matter.  It's the same thing.  They're gonna start counting the revenue.  It is an economic enterprise. 

"As the spokesman for the National Association of Sex Clubs in Spain, José Roca has fielded all sorts of offbeat inquiries. But rarely has he been more flummoxed than when he received a call late last year from the government statistics agency. In earnest tones, a statistician asked him if he knew the average price of a session with a prostitute in Spain, and the typical cost of a room at a Spanish brothel." That's right. José Roca said he even asked stupid questions like how much energy is consumed by a brothel, a sex club?  How much energy do you people use in these brothels of yours? 

He said, "I thought it was a joke.  I was so incredulous that I asked them to send me an email to make sure it wasn’t." The questions were not a hoax.  It's in such bad shape in Europe that they're now gonna start counting illicit black market economic activity as part of their GDP.  And of course John Kerry and the rest of our enlightened elites think that Europe is how we all should be. Europe is what we all should be. Europe is to which we should all aspire, because they're the elites and the really smart ones. They're far more sophisticated than we are.  They're refined and all of this.  


RUSH:  Yeah, what's going on in Europe now counting what goes on in brothels and black market booze and cigarettes, the drug trade's gonna be next.  They'll start counting that in the GDP.  That's what Moynihan called "defining deviancy down," and it's how you end up promoting the things that destroy your culture.

Kerry Tweets Guitar Photo-Op in China

RUSH: Speaking of photo-ops, I just saw John Kerry, who, by the way, you may not know, served in Vietnam, John Kerry is over in China visiting the ChiComs. And by golly, if he didn't just tweet a picture of himself playing the guitar in front of some ChiCom officials, in the midst of everything.  The CIA has just been kicked out of Germany. Angela Merkel just told the CIA to get the hell out because we're spying on her still, I guess, and doing it in such an inept way that she found out. 

We've got this crisis at the border. We've got an economy that is just putting along, and John Kerry tweets a photo of himself playing the guitar with the ChiComs.  And it's not by accident.  They think they are forging relationships, improving bona fides, and establishing credibility with low-information pop culture voters.  

What Nuclear Material in Iraq?

RUSH: Did you see in Iraq where ISIS has stolen nuclear material from one of the universities?  Wait a minute, nuclear?  What nuclear material?  Iraq?  Why, weren't we told there wasn't any of that?  It was just last week that ISIS found their way into some of Saddam's old chemical weapons stockpiles.  Now they have commandeered nuclear materials.  (interruption)  Well, it sounds like it would be a mistake because we were told that none of that stuff was in Iraq, but it's not just ISIS claiming it.  Independent verification has taken place.  

Mexican Gov't Facilitating Influx of Guatemalan Kids

RUSH:  I just checked, I'm gonna have more detail tomorrow, but the Mexican government is working with the Guatemalan president to make it easier for kids to get through Mexico to the United States.  They are facilitating it.  


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