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Morning Update: Overpaid

The federal government has released an estimate of overpayments, and it is an astounding figure. The feds paid out at least $100 billion last year to people who weren’t supposed to receive the money. Congressional investigators think the amount may be even higher.

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Obama Isn't Laughing, He's Mocking

RUSH: I have seen and read a lot of commentary from people who also saw it and who think that it was really odd to have the president laughing about something that could be something very serious; he's being sued... I think he is livid and offended and outraged by it and is mocking the people who are critical.  That laughter is not laughing at the situation.  I think he's mocking everybody.  I think privately he's just ticked off. 

Brownie Gets the Limbaugh Theorem!

RUSH: Former FEMA director "Brownie" referred to the Limbaugh Theorem to explain what Obama is doing vis-a-vis this humanitarian crisis, and he's right on the money.  He understands the Limbaugh Theorem.  I'm so thrilled.  I'm so excited when somebody outside this universe understands and he gets it.  

After Five and a Half Years, "I Hope He Fails" Remains the Most Memorable Expression of Opposition to Obama

RUSH: Your host once again maligned and misrepresented... This so-called lawsuit that Boehner is threatening to file against Obama for behaving outside the Constitution, for basically breaking the law, for doing things presidents are not constitutionally permitted to do, I think you should know that certain news organizations are now associating my statement in January of 2009, "I hope he fails," with the Boehner lawsuit. 

Nobody Wants to Believe Their President Would Intentionally Harm the Country

RUSH: I don't think this is that complicated.  But there's just some people that, no matter what happens, no matter, and you know this as well as I do, no matter what, they're just never gonna believe that any president of the United States of America would intentionally do things that would harm the country.  People in this country have a reverence for the office.  The office holder is the automatic recipient of a lot of goodwill. 


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