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Conservatives Aren't Natural Protestors


RUSH: Kenny, Indianapolis, welcome to the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Thanks. (garbled) talk (unintelligible).  My quick question for you Rush is would a conservative I guess Republican Party or the conservative establishment have better luck at winning more seats if they were more of an (unintelligible). Democrat --

RUSH:  His connection's failing.  What he's asking me is if conservative Republicans would be more attractive if they were more activist like the Democrats.

CALLER:  Correct. Especially in academic circles, like on college campuses and things.

RUSH:  Well, give me a name. There are plenty of them there.  What do you mean by activist?  I think I know what you mean, but you may have other ideas.

CALLER:  Okay.  Sure.  A specific example is, remember when Chick-fil-A got the spotlight and the liberal media?

RUSH:  Yes.

CALLER:  The policy owners expressed their opinion of how they feel about (unintelligible) declared a Chick-fil-A day?

RUSH:  Yes.

CALLER:  (unintelligible) that same day at Chick-fil-A.  Something like that.

RUSH:  Same day at Chick-fil-A action day. Your cell phone's cutting out.  The party would do it.

CALLER:  (garbled) voter registration.  They did a voter registration drive at Chick-fil-A when (unintelligible) declared a Chick-fil-A day.

RUSH:  I think this is sort of an offshoot of the question, "Why don't Republicans get out there and protest things like Democrats do, give public displays and whatever?" The answer is Republicans are always too busy working.  Protesting is a job for the left.  You've heard of the old rent-a-mob.  It's not gonna happen, 'cause it's not who conservatives are.  The Tea Party's gotten as close to it as anything has.  



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