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"Algore, ladies and gentlemen, goes down to Australia to make a big presentation on climate change, calls it 'the biggest crisis our civilization faces,' and while he's there, they have record cold. It is uncanny. Wherever he goes on a global warming mission, it snows, it blizzards."

"I think there are a lot of people whose capacity for sympathy for Obama is vanishing. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Do you remember the days when it was really a big deal to be on TV? There were so few networks and then so few shows on networks. Today, there are so many people who have no idea what they're doing or talking about who are presented as experts on TV. It's all part of the recipe that leads to dumbed-down people."

"The Vikings, you know, they get away with everything. The Vikings never get tagged with anything. It's like they came here, raped, pillaged, whatever, founded Minnesota, and left."

"How many years have we sat here and been insulted and told that we are racists and sexists and bigots and all of that because we don't support comprehensive immigration reform, which we all understand to be amnesty?"

"How in the world can we be told that a political party's only hope to ever win the White House is to sign on to legislation that does not even have majority American support?"

"I forget our original station in South Bend. It was owned by a man and wife who hosted me on a trip out there. They said, 'We're gonna introduce you to Lou Holtz,' and took me to Lou Holtz's office. But he wasn't there, so I shook hands with the desk."

"I got more complaints, more dissatisfaction, more people being critical on TV than I ever had on radio. And the criticisms all had nothing to do with the content of the program."

"What in the world about what is happening with unaccompanied children flooding America is a positive? I mean, it's a positive for the Democrats down the road, but how is this helping America?"

"This idea that the only issue that can save the Republican Party is amnesty, I thought that's BS from the get-go. It defies common sense. An issue that's gonna strengthen the Democrat Party is the only salvation for the Republican Party? It's never made any sense."

"What's going on at the border is us as 'a humane country.' It's opening our borders. It's letting people in to 'improve their lives.' Comprehensive immigration reform? You're looking at it!"

"Some days just seem to drag on, but then time seems zipping by at the same time."

"Any criticism of the first woman president would be sexist, and it would be therefore unqualified. Then after that, if they succeed, then they'll go out and recruit the first Hispanic, and it'll be the same thing."

"No criticism of the next two or three Democrat presidents will be tolerated because it will all be said to be sexist or racist. The blueprint is what we're living through now."

"Is there a hashtag associated with the illegal immigrants that are crossing the border?"

"The news media keep telling us that these illegal aliens are coming to the United States to escape government corruption. If that's true, can you imagine how misinformed they are?"

"I keep two monitors on in the studio each and every day. One of them is tuned to Fox. That's the bottom one. What are these? Are these 55-inchers Brian? (interruption) Fifty-five? Yeah. That's why they look so small."


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