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Pearls of Wisdom

"There is always tomorrow, and we'll be back then 21 hours from now. So I will be right where God intended. God created radio in the first place because he knew that I was going to be born someday."

"When has Barack Obama had 60% disapproval on anything? He's got it in his handling of the crisis at what used to be the southern border."

"Whenever you hear some leftist on TV suggest that any of this criticism of Obama is due to racism, just substitute the word 'racism' with 'liberalism,' and you will understand every time what's up here."

"I'm just a guy on the radio. I don't own the country. I don't determine what happens in the country."

"What used to be stuff we would laugh at and put over there in the sandbox of fringe is no longer the sandbox of fringe. It is, if you listen to it, an indicator telling us where we're headed."

"Practically everything Obama's doing is based on redistribution. Redistribution is what? Taking from those who have. And why? Because of the belief they didn't get it fairly."

"Republicans are upset with their own elected officials because they are seen to be on the same page with Obama. There is no opposition."

"I told everybody one year before Obama was inaugurated that the fact he was black was gonna eliminate any criticism. One of the purposes would be to freeze any criticism, because all of it would be labeled as racist in origin. It's exactly what they've done for the last five and a half years, any criticism at all, especially legitimate, right-on criticism."

"These people make me sound like the most brilliant guy on radio. Well, I am."

"There is a deep resentment held by many on the left for those in this country who are affluent, those who 'made it' or what have you. It's cut-everybody-down-to-size time. It's time to show the United States what life is really like for everybody else."

"If somebody is really, really just so self-absorbed that they can't function because the name of a football team, then something is not right. I'm not defending the name. It's not the point."

"When I suspect that the changing times are not evolutionary but because of the left trying to advance their political agenda, that's when I do my William F. Buckley Jr. impersonation and stand up and say, 'Stop!'"

"I got a lot of e-mail on this from angry, panicked people. Let me put you at ease. Contrary to rumors that Jay Carney will be the new chief of public relations for Apple, Inc., it isn't true. It isn't going to happen, and that's that."


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