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Morning Update: Cop Killer

This week, a rookie police officer was killed in an ambush in Jersey City, New Jersey. A day after the murder, mourners paid their respects at a makeshift street memorial. They brought candles. Balloons. Empty liquor bottles. Affectionate messages written across T-shirts taped to a brick wall.

Regime Wants Talking Shopping Carts to Tell Food Stamp Recipients What to Eat

RUSH: The government wants to establish talking shopping carts so that food stamp recipients will be directed to healthier foods in the grocery store.  And if they end up buying the government-approved amount of healthy foods, they could win free movie tickets.  I kid you not.  They want to install talking shopping carts in grocery stores for food stamp users.  (interruption)  Well, Michelle's voice would probably be a good idea.  

How Gay is America? Not So Much

RUSH: Let's say that you spend a lot of time watching prime-time television.  You can't miss a television show where one or more of the stars, major characters, are gay.  Story lines revolve around the gay lifestyle, homosexuality, any number, both socially and politically.  You can't miss it.  It is everywhere in the pop culture. Now, how does this happen?  If less than 3% of the population is gay, how does 2.3% of the population end up dominating both the pop culture and political worlds?  How does this happen?  

Erin Burnett's Panel on Holder, Rush and Race, Day Two

RUSH: Can we again just remind everybody how all of this got started.  This all got started by Eric Holder, once again, complaining that people who run around talking about taking back their country are doing so because of race.  We were sitting here minding our own business and the attorney general comes along and calls us racists, and not for the first time.  Too many people sit idly by and don't react to it hoping it'll just pass and go by. And I'm not gonna let the tag attach itself to me because it's unworthy, it's cheap, and it's unjustified. It's a cheap tactic that the left uses to silence people, but it wasn't me that brought it up. 


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