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Pearls of Wisdom

"Remember, in terms of research data and self-admission, we conservatives are the majority in this country. And that matters."

"I just instinctively knew that a lifetime of Twinkies was not the answer. Nobody had to tell me this."

"Of all government agencies, why would the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention be figuring out the sexual orientation of the American population? Well, just asking. I mean, why wouldn't the Census be reporting these numbers on how many Americans are gay, lesbian or bisexual?"

"You mention the word 'assimilation' today in relationship to newly arriving immigrants and you may as well be cursing people out."

"How many of you were aware that mass immigration was suspended for many decades? From 1924 to 1964, '65. It's key not just that it was suspended, but what was the reason for it? The decision was made to suspend immigration so that all of those immigrants who had arrived en masse starting in 1845 could assimilate."

"Barack Obama is the president of the United States. He has policies; we disagree with them. We think they are disastrous, they're detrimental, they're doing great damage to the country. That's what 'taking our country back' means, and I don't even use the phrase, but I know what people mean who do, and they don't have anything racist in their minds about this."

"A fascinating thing to me is that the functioning, living and breathing majority has successfully been relegated to a status that most people think is dying out, barely holding on, made up of some of the weirdest, kookiest, stupidest freaks."

"I've always thought that most homosexuals would naturally gravitate toward conservatism because conservatism is rooted in freedom. But I know that that's not the case."

"You can take a genuine minority and convince people that it is much larger than it is, and it is in the pop culture that you find the primary agents of influence, I think."

"The homeless population is very upset at Mayor Garcetti in Los Angeles because he is providing housing for the illegal alien children that are arriving in great numbers over the border, and the homeless say, 'What about us?'"

"The real purpose of food stamps is not compassion, it's not better health. This is just the libs trying to make people think they care about them. This is all about vote buying. Nothing more, nothing less."

"The government issues marriage licenses so people do not get married who shouldn't and produce offspring like Harry Reid. It didn't work in the Reid family case, but that's how it's designed."

"I've always been a smart-ass."


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