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Golf and Apple Talk for the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd...Dems Think Free Birth Control is Their Ticket to Victory... Detroit Police Chief: Armed Citizens are Cutting Crime... Australian PM Tony Abbott is a Man to Watch... Algore Brings Record Cold to Brisbane

Malaysian Plane Shot Down Over Ukraine?

RUSH: I don't want to appear to be callous here, folks, but you talk about an opportunity to abandon the Obama news at the border?  And, no, I'm not suggesting anything other than how the media operates...  Whenever someone dies or is near death, Fox News brings out Geraldo.  That has happened.  The Grim Reaper appeared moments ago on Fox to discuss this.

A Role Model for the Youth of America -- and Their Pastors

CALLER: He said, "In 1988, I was going to Penn State, and it was a guy on the radio named Rush Limbaugh." He said, "In that day, nobody in any medium -- any medium, television, anything -- told it like it was, told it how it was the truth, and stood by what he said through good and through bad."  So I just wanted to pass that on to you. You were a role model for my pastor 26 years ago.  

Your Host's Take on Johnny Football

RUSH: Here's what you should hope for.  You should hope that Manziel is the real deal.  You should hope that he's able to stay sober and play.  This is a quarterback's league.  You should hope he becomes the next Joe Namath.  You should hope this guy is the biggest partier off the field and just nails it on the field, that he can do both.


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