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Pearls of Wisdom

"A Big Government can't be run efficiently. A Big Government can't be run smarter. That's the old argument modern-day liberals make to explain away the failures of Gorbachev and Stalin and Lenin and Mao."

"I will acknowledge that some people might have think Obama meant he was gonna change Washington in the sense that people are gonna start getting along with each other, and people are gonna start cooperating with each other and it's gonna be a kumbaya utopia. But I never thought that's what Obama meant with hope and change."

"There has been abundant change under Obama. There has been phenomenal change in this country. None of it for the better, or very little of it."

"This was an innocent commercial airliner that in no way can be perceived as anything offensive or militaristic. It was shot down out of the sky by somebody, and there is a reason for it. It didn't just happen."

"Can somebody tell me what the Republican agenda is today, other than what Chris Christie just said here? No, you can't. That's one of the problems, I think."

"We edit this stuff just for brevity. We never edit things to take people out of context. We don't do that here."

"The thing to remember about the low-information crowd is that none of them know that they're low-information. By definition, they can't. They don't know enough to know they don't know anything."

"Washington doesn't work, and Joe Biden is the epitome of it. Joe Biden's been in that town 40 years. He hasn't done anything right, he hasn't been right about anything, and he's continued to climb the ladder."

"The president is acting as though there's not a Congress!"

"You know, the left, the media is really hell-bent on attaching me to the movement seeking to impeach Obama. I have never called for the impeachment of Barack Obama. In fact, quite the opposite. I've never called for it. Yet no matter where you turn in the Drive-By Media, I am associated with this command that Obama be impeached."

"For those of you in Rio Linda who think that the pastor should have chosen someone biblical, when mentioning a role model or mentor or inspirational figure, don't forget: I have talent on loan from God."

"In Detroit, robberies in Detroit are down 37% compared to figures from this same time last year. The Detroit police chief is a man named James Craig, and he says the reason why crime is down, robberies are down 37%, is because of an increasing number of armed citizens. (Gasp!)"

"Wherever Algore goes, break out the snow gear. When he goes anywhere to talk about global warming, it's becoming a joke."

"With nobody to blame and no victims, you don't have liberalism. So there's never gonna be a solution to any of their problems. "


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