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Golf and Apple Talk for the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd

RUSH:  I'm off tomorrow. Mark Steyn will be here.  Everything back to normal on Monday.  It's just the annual little charity golf outing.  It always happens in July.  It's actually a week later than it usually is. No, it's about the same weekend. I mean, it's always the British Open weekday, when this thing happens. (interruption) How do I think I'm gonna play?  I gotta tell you, I know. 

Here's the deal.  It's a three-day thing, but the only two days that count are Saturday and Sunday.  So I'm gonna play every other hole or every third or fourth hole tomorrow, 'cause I get worse as I consecutive play.  I don't know why, I just do.  I ought to have a bang-up round tomorrow on a day that won't count, because I haven't played in three weeks, and the last time I played, it was a disaster. 

You know, it's really strange because two weeks before that, played out at Sherwood Forest out on the Left Coast and I was two under after six holes.  I ended up... Oh, I shot an 80.  It should have even been better than that but I was just on a tear, just doing everything right.  I wasn't thinking about it. It was effortless.  So I had that great round.  The next day, 85, and the next day, in the nineties, 'cause you start thinking about it. 

I'm too smart to play the game.  You gotta be a little vacant.  You gotta be able to make your mind totally think nothing, particularly about yourself, if you want to excel at this game or I think any athletic endeavor.  (interruption)  Top...? (interruption)  Well, top five golf courses?  (interruption)  The top five golf courses in the world I would love to play?  I don't know.  I've played everywhere I want to play. 

You have to put a... (interruption)  Played what?  (interruption)  Have I played what in Scotland?  (interruption)  Yes, I have played St. Andrews.  I've played St. Andrews in Scotland.  I've played Port Stewart, Port Rush, Royal County down in Ireland.  I've done all of that.  Pebble Beach is great.  Some of these courses I play when I go out to LA, Bel-Air, I love these places. 

Look, the point is that I don't know why, but after I haven't played in two or three weeks, the next round is great. If I go to the range... This is another thing: If I go to the range and loosen up, I'm guaranteed to have a lousy day.  If I don't go to the range and just loosen up without hitting a ball, I'm gonna have a great round, or a much better one than if I go to the range.  It's peculiar.  No sense, rhyme, or reason to it. 

Anyway, the last time I played in LA, I didn't have one meaningful shot.  Not one.  After shooting lights-out, I had not one meaningful shot for my time. Not one.  I still had an enjoyable time, as much as I could, but not one meaningful shot. It's a maddening game.  You realize what we're doing to the Stick-to-the-Issues Crowd right now and it's exactly why you're asking these questions, 'cause it's Snerdley trying to tweak you Stick-to-the-Issues people. 

Anyway, that's what I got coming up.  We got Mark Steyn here tomorrow and then, as I say, we'll be back to normal on Monday. (interruption)  (laughing) There's a reason why you all cannot hear the people I'm talking to on the other side of the glass.  On every other show, you hear these people, but not here. I've often said, "Do you realize how frustrating it is?"  I can't risk it, letting these people have a microphone. 

Snerdley is now trying to goad me into telling you what my favorite feature Apple took out of the iOS 8 beta 3 is.  And I'm not gonna go there.  Nobody cares about this, I guarantee you. (interruption)  Monday.  Beta 4 is rumored (nobody knows for sure) to be out Monday.  It's gotta be out next week.  It's due, and I'm sweating it.  I mean, I'm eagerly awaiting it. It's like Christmas morning.

I'm hoping the feature is back in.  I have my doubts.  I just do.  But... (interruption)  What new car?  (laughing)  They're asking how my new car is running. (laughing)  See, all of these efforts are underway now to distract me. 

Dems Think Free Birth Control is Their Ticket to Victory

RUSH: "Democrat Bid to Reverse Hobby Lobby Fails -- The procedural vote to take up the bill failed 56-43, four short of the 60 votes needed." It was a Democrat bill to reverse the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision.  This, of course, is Dingy Harry and all these people thinking that women now have been left out in the back alleys once again because somebody's not gonna be buying four-out-of-20 abortifacients for them that you can buy over-the-counter for nine bucks a month. 

Listen to this paragraph.  It's a Politico story.  "Democrats see contraception ... as a winning issue in the 2014 elections. Red-state Democrats in tough races have been wary of taking positions on new abortion restrictions, but none defected on the Hobby Lobby vote." Now, stop and think of this. 

With everything that is going on -- take your pick: The job situation, the economy, the absolute disaster that is American foreign policy, immigration, you name it -- the Democrat Party has decided that contraception is their big winning issue. Because don't forget now: There two stories have come out saying that amnesty and comprehensive immigration reform has fizzled as a winning Democrat.

I still cannot emphasize the genuine importance of that, the teachable moment that that is.  If there is ever an example that you are lied to every day -- that the Democrat agenda is what the news is anymore, that you're lied to about what the American people think, that you're lied to routinely about what is needed and about what politicians need to do to win elections -- that story, that issue is the greatest illustration in modern era. 

If it's not the greatest, it's certainly in the top five, this idea that no politician or party can remain viable unless they support amnesty, and the Republican Party will never win the White House unless they support amnesty.  Now, the issue has "fizzled" as a Democrat advantage and has been replaced by contraception? 

The Democrats really believe their ticket is to promise birth control pills to every woman in America because they think they can convey the message that the Republicans don't want women to have them?  So that's what they are going to town on, and their first effort blew up in their face.  They tried to pass a law in the Senate refuting and turning back or reversing the Hobby Lobby decision. 

It failed.  

Detroit Police Chief: Armed Citizens are Cutting Crime

RUSH: In Detroit, robberies in Detroit are down 37% compared to figures from this same time last year.  The Detroit police chief is a man named James Craig, and he says the reason why crime is down, robberies are down 37%, is because of an increasing number of armed citizens.  (Gasp!)  In a Democrat city? 

"Detroit Police Chief James Craig says the increasing number of armed citizens is making criminals think twice before attacking. In other words, more guns are equaling less crime. According to The Detroit News, in addition to the reduction in robberies there has been a 22% drop in 'break-ins of businesses and homes' and a 30% decline in carjackings.

"Craig says these across-the-board reductions in crime are at least partly attributable to 'criminals being reluctant to prey on citizens who may be armed.' He added, 'I can't say what specific percentage is caused by this, but there's no question in my mind that it has had an effect.'" So more guns.  You really want to tick off a liberal? Just tell them about this story Detroit and say, "More guns equals less crime."

This is like telling a Christian that one of the Ten Commandments is a fraud. 

"More guns equals less crime!" 

They'll have a fit.

Australian PM Tony Abbott is a Man to Watch

RUSH: "It's taken [Australia] nearly a year but the Abbott government has finally delivered on its promise to axe the carbon tax. After days of debate and stalling tactics, the Senate on Thursday voted 39 to 32 to unwind the carbon pricing scheme introduced by [the left in that country] in 2012. ... Labor and the Australian Greens opposed the legislation as expected but fell far short of the numbers needed to defeat it as they did in March."

You read this story and they are panicked. They just in panic. The left thinks this is the end of Australia.  They think now that global warming and climate change is effectively gonna gobble up the country and chew it up and spit it out.  They're literally in a panic, all because the carbon tax was abolished.  I'll tell you this Abbott, this prime minister in Australia is no-nonsense guy worth watching, a guy worth paying attention to. 

He is just taking it to these environmentalist wackos daily on global warming.  He's taking it to Americans and Algore.  In fact, this is hilarious.  It happened again.  Algore shows up for a giant global warming/climate change conference where he's gonna rally the pro-global warming troops, and Brisbane Australia has record cold.  It never fails. 

Algore Brings Record Cold to Brisbane

RUSH: Wherever Algore goes, break out the snow gear.  When he goes anywhere to talk about global warming, it's becoming a joke.  When he goes anywhere, the exact opposite of the weather he's predicting happens.  Massive snow, record-breaking cold.  The polar vortex has a new record-breaking mass of cold air in the upper Northeast and the upper Midwest. 

In fact, at this golf tournament every year, we're guaranteed one of the two days or three days gonna be hundred degrees.  Guaranteed.  It happens every year.  This year it's barely gonna get 75.  Now, no big deal.  I mean, if it weren't for the global warming crowd, nobody would think anything of it other than cold front going through in July. 

But the point is, when they're out there daily pummeling everybody with how it's gonna get so hot, roasty hot that we're gonna destroy things and it will be impossible to survive, things like this aren't supposed to happen.  It's like there's almost a divine intervention in the climate change/global warming movement.  They are reduced to absolute idiots when these things happen. 

"Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! This cold front is exactly because of global warming.  This is the kind of irregularity we've been talking about.  This is the kind of unpredictable, unseasonable, unusual, inexplicable event caused by man."  Really?  So whatever is responsible for it being 20-below normal in the middle of July, in the summer? Man made it happen? Therefore we can do it again, right? 

So let's say it's August and it's 105 degrees someplace, and people wish it were 85, we can do it, right, just like we did this, right?  All we have to do is figure out what we did to make it 20 degrees below normal this week and do it again.  "No, Mr. Limbaugh, it doesn't work that way."  How does it work, then? 

I mean, if we caused this -- if mankind, if our lifestyles, whatever, is causing this -- tell me the events, tell me the behavior so that we can replicate it and do it again when it gets too hot and people start dying.  In fact, if we can do it once can't we do that every day and make sure global warming isn't happening?  What are we doing to cause it? 

"Well, we've got smokestacks and coal and SUVs!" 

Well, no, but they're doing those every day and it's still happening, so it's gotta be something else we're doing to cause this.  What are we doing?  You know one thing they're not doing?  This is how, in my mind, they're a little lunatic.  You have a massive cold front, or a polar vortex, or a modified externality polar vortex, okay?  And it's resulting in 20 degrees below normal. 

Why aren't they out there saying, "See?  See?  We're causing this because you are driving fewer SUVs and you're burning less coal!"  Why can't they go claim credit for it?  They got massive reductions in heat.  Why don't they go out and say, "Hey, we need to do more of what we're doing because this is working, see?"  Why don't they do that?  There's a very logical answer. 

The answer is: In no case can the left ever experience a solution to their crisis. 

The crisis must persist and exist no matter what.


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