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Guest Host Mark Steyn

"Yes, America's Anchorman is away. This is your Undocumented Anchorman Mark Steyn, no supporting paperwork whatsoever. Rush is at an annual charity commitment today. He's immensely generous on that front, so that's where he is today, but he will return live on Monday." -Mark Steyn

Shallow President on the Downed Airliner

"It's Friday here at the Rush Limbaugh Show, and I thought I'd like to keep things light, frothy, glib, shallow -- you know, like the president of the United States announcing a passenger airliner has been shot out of the air." -Mark Steyn

RushLimbaugh.com: The President's Profound Statement on the Downed Plane in Ukraine

"Do you remember how they mocked Bush for being informed of 9/11 while reading My Pet Goat at a grade school? Obama would have been announcing 9/11 at a fundraiser! What does it take to get this guy to cancel one of his fundraisers?" -Mark Steyn

Coyote-in-Chief Erases the Southern Border

"It's a two-party system, and in a two-party system there ought to be at least one party that stands for a secure border and the rule of law." -Mark Steyn

"It's us legal immigrants who were the chumps, who bothered filling in the paperwork and paying all the fees. We're more upset about the Coyote-in-Chief erasing the southern border than most of you native guys are!" -Mark Steyn

Mullah Omar, Rod Stewart Fan

"You know Mullah Omar, the big Taliban leader that got chased out in the fall of 2001 and will be coming back to power about 20 minutes after the last NATO soldier leaves Afghanistan?  This is the guy who banned music, and in his Kandahar compound they found he had the world's biggest Rod Stewart cassette collection." -Mark Steyn

"While we're holding fundraisers to try and get teddy bears for all these gangbangers at the southern border, maybe it would be nice if we could also have a charity fundraising thing to try and replace Mullah Omar's cassette collection so he can still funk around in his robes to 'If you like my body and you think I'm sexy.'" -Mark Steyn

The Russian Bear Is Loose

"Sometimes, you've gotta get serious. It's not enough for you liberals to just defend Obama no matter what he does or how he under-performs. It's sweet, but it's not enough. What was presidential about what he did on Thursday?" -Mark Steyn 


"The bear is a geopolitical fact. It's Vladimir Putin advancing Russia's interests, reconstituting the Russian Empire, the new czar moving his chess pieces in Kiev and in Damascus and in Tehran and around the world. That's one bear. The other bear is this pathetic little dancing bear prancing around burger joints in Wilmington, Delaware." -Mark Steyn 

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"The moment calls the man, and the man rises to the occasion -- and the man understands that he doesn't go into a schtick after twenty seconds. Barack Obama is supposed to be leading the Free World!" -Mark Steyn


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