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Leftists Like Obama and Kerry Don't Think the United States Has the Moral Authority to Confront the World's Bad Guys

RUSH: We're not better than anybody else.  We're not leaders.  We've got our own problems; we have treated people in ill-gotten ways ourselves. We've discriminated. We've been mean. We've engaged in our own form of domestic crimes, so who are we to tell these people that? We can't.  I think that's the mind-set that many of our top leftist leaders have. 

Are the Nexties Rejecting Liberalism?

RUSH: These young "Nexties," the next generation, these young people that we've all predicted would finally grow up and say, "Enough, we don't see the world this way, Mom and Dad." They're rejecting old-fashioned liberalism, slowly but surely, but they're continuing to vote liberal Democrat because of what they say is the Republican obsession with religion, sexual repression, and environmental denial. 

Jay Carney, Spokeskid for Apple?

RUSH: I wouldn't worry about this Jay Carney thing.  PR at Apple has always been an invisible thing. I think they do want to change it a bit. The gal they had at PR was the mirror image of Steve Jobs, and they're trying to make it a little bit friendlier and all that. But Carney? I understand people who cringe at that.


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