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"Liberals demand tolerance for whatever they do and think, but they do not tolerate anybody that disagrees."

"Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Israeli and Palestinian, slash, Hamas conflict has just reached a new level of seriousness with the low-information voters finally getting clued in. There is now a hashtag on Twitter. Can the end of this war be far behind?"

"The Palestinians, Hamas, you name it, are the modern-day Nazis where the Jews are concerned. They are the current incarnation of Adolf Hitler. It is their total hatred for Jews and their anti-Semitism that defines their existence. That's the root of the problem!"

"I've always asked myself, "Why do we not just let Israel win?" What is wrong with this? They are our ally. They don't seek to eliminate all Arabs from the face of the earth. They don't seek to march every Arab they can find into the Mediterranean. They don't seek to bomb every Arabian capital off of the map. That is the objective of their enemies, though, where the Jews are concerned."

"We dropped those bombs on Japan to show the rest of the world the power we had. It was a message of 'don't mess with us. You can only take us so far, and then we have this capability,' and they haven't been used since."

"This is the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Your quest for truth begins and ends here."

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a hashtag. #JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies is the new hashtag, and, as such, we can expect peace to break out any moment."

"To understand this administration's lack of support for Israel all you have to do is take a look at the Middle East and try to find who a leftist would think the victims are. Because the victims are always what dominate everything. The victims are on whom and around whom policy will be based."

"People ask me frequently at five minutes before showtime, 'What are you gonna lead with today?' It happened yesterday, I got a note: 'What are you gonna lead with?' 'I don't know yet.'"

"For many people social media is the only thing that gives their lives meaning. They have some measure of fame, they think, because they have followers, or they have friends or what have you, or they have people that retweet them."

"My point is that Obama's actions tell us exactly who he is: $47 million, not to the Gaza Strip, to the Palestinian Authority."

"War is not clean. I've always thought that this phrase 'war crimes' is kind of redundant. What Hamas is doing is criminal already."

"Never mind the fact that Palestinian and Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, you name it -- militant Jihadist leaders -- were trained, they were collaborated with by the Nazis. They held something in common: The hatred of the Jews. The Nazis aligned, back in the thirties and forties, with anti-Jewish interests in the Middle East. There is no solution to this problem."

"Peace to the Israelis is what peace is to you and me: The absence of war, the absence of conflict, the absence of threat, and the presence of justice. That's what the Israelis seek. It's not what the Palestinians seek."


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