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"The Obama Regime is considering a plan to stem the surge of 'migrants,' but what is actually going to happen -- and any fool should know this -- is this is going to encourage a flood of new illegal immigrants to try their luck using the 'refugee' excuse."

"The United States is seen as a giant bank that gives money away. As long as Obama's running, this country is seen as a bank, and you've got a bunch of leftists that are in power in all of these Central American and South American countries who are predisposed to resenting and despising the United States precisely because of our wealth and how we did it, capitalism."

"The stated purpose of Obamacare was to drive health insurance premiums way down, right? You were gonna save $2,500 a year! 'Your premiums are gonna go down $2,500! It's gonna be much cheaper all over the place!' Right? What happened? The law's impact was to drive insurance premiums way up, and we haven't seen anything yet."

"I did not foresee that the Regime would just go down there and assume the role of coyote. Although, I must remind you that I did, last week or the week before, I thought I would catch hell for this, and I didn't. But I referred to the Border Patrol, or ICE, I forget which, as a bunch of coyotes based on what was happening already. So my instincts were right, folks. I just didn't take 'em far enough."

"Obama might not care about his approval numbers are falling, but there are some people that do, and they are other Democrats. See, right now the only way the American people can show their disapproval of Obama -- short of telling Gallup or whoever -- is to vote against Democrats in November. That's it."

"Sadly, it's understandable why an Ivy League graduate would be a 125% dyed-in-the-wool fully committed leftist. It's the only cool thing out there. It's the only hip thing out there. It's gonna save the world, and it's gonna save the poor, and it's gonna save women from the Republican war. They've grown up believing this drivel. Sorry, a bunch of radio shows and Fox News are not enough to combat all this. You need a Republican Party."

"The Republicans signing onto Obama's refugee policy publicly so the media can report that all these Republicans are standing in favor of 'immigration reform,' is feeding the idea that there are mechanisms for people in foreign countries to get here and stay and that there is going to be amnesty."

"The latest polling data shows that 51% -- and it's more than this -- 51% want to deport all of these kids that are arriving. If 51% are admitting it, it's much higher than that. This is something you lie to a pollster about, the reverse Wilder Effect. Nobody wants to throw the kids back there, but if 51% are saying they prefer that, it's gotta be higher."

"Not every school system is lost, but more and more the multicultural curriculum is taking over, and the truth and the greatness and the the specialness -- the uniqueness -- of this country's being written out."

"Obama has known from the first moment he thought about being president, he's known -- don't doubt me on this -- he knows that what he believes and thinks is a minority position in this country."


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